Common Types Of Accidents That You Should Consult With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami About

Accident Occurrence in the City of Miami

Did you ever wonder why Miami seems to have the most number of personal injury lawyers in the country?  Being the busy city that Miami is, accidents tend to happen every so often despite the strict implementation of city rules and guidelines.  Because of these, big problems arise especially when it involves a person being injured or a property or vehicle being damaged.

There must be something so enticing with Miami streets that make it so susceptible to accidents.  Whether it is an effect of the busy nightlife or the dizzying long roads, there always seem to be something happening.
Given that Miami is composed of a large part of water, these waters have been a usual accident place as well over the last few years.  This could be due to the sudden increase in watercrafts recently or just plain negligence by some people.

The Need for Personal Injury Lawyers

Miami police have always been up and responsible whenever accidents happen but a personal injury lawyer is always needed in every case.  They help people involved in various kinds of accidents with regards to what they should do and what they can claim.  They also help determine who is at fault or who should be responsible for the said accident.
There are many factors that surround an accident.  Personal injury lawyers, together with the police and investigators all combine forces to solve and resolve problems due to accidents.  But in most cases where an injury is evident, a personal injury lawyer is more needed than ever to help those involved to properly file for insurance claims or seek proper help from whoever is responsible.

The Most Common Accidents in Miami

We have compiled a short list of the most common accidents that usually happen in the city of Miami.  These accident cases are the ones that usually end up on the tables of the numerous accident attorneys in Miami to be litigated in due time.
Here are the top five accidents in Miami:

    1. Car Accidents
      These seem to the top the accident list of every other busy city throughout the country.  These include rear impact, side impact, head on, rollover, and runoff crashes.  The most common of which are rear and side impact crashes and the least would be the runoff crash.
    2. Drunk Driving AccidentsThis type of accident is more publicized by celebrities who cannot seem to get enough of drinking and driving.
    3. Hit and Run Accidents
      These accidents are made popular by careless drivers who speed even in busy areas and people crossing the road even though it is prohibited.
    4.  Motorcycle AccidentsThe safety of motorcycles on streets and highways had long been questioned.  And motorcycle accidents still continue to occur so often.
    5. Watercraft AccidentsBecause of Miami’s generous water portions, watercraft accidents are quite hard to prevent and can sometimes lead to fatalities.

These are just few of the numerous common accidents that happen in Miami streets and waters every now and then.  And the personal injury lawyers in Miami are fully equipped with enough knowledge and experience for such cases.
Listed above are some of the most common accidents that occur in Miami and lead to a civil case. Should you ever find yourself in one of the situations, do not hesistate to contact a personal injury lawyer so you’re rights are not ignored.