Company Car: Should You Say Yes?

Many companies use company cars to entice employees to come aboard or because travel is an important part of the job.  Some companies have their own fleet of cars or others work with a fleet company to get their company cars.  Some people are unsure whether they want the responsibility of driving a company car or not.  Read on to figure out if it is wise for you to accept a company car if it is ever offered to you.

Think Twice Before Calling Out
Employers choose to give their employees company cars as a way to ensure that their employees have a reliable way to get to work.  You will no longer be able to call out of work due to “car troubles” and hit the beach.  Your employer or the fleet they work with are responsible for repairs and maintenance of the car, therefore they will need to know when there’s a problem so it can be corrected.

Image is Everything
Company cars are used as a way to give clients a good first impression.  Employers want their employees to be seen by clients as professional and reliable.  This is another reason why employers give their employees company cars.  Driving a nice, clean vehicle is a way to ensure customers that your company is qualified and dependable.  If you are given a company car, chances are you are going to be doing a lot of driving, possibly with clients.  Make sure that you’re comfortable with your driving skills before accepting a car.

Personal Use Too?
Many companies let their employees keep their company cars on evenings and weekends.  Companies control personal use and business use by giving their employees gas allowances.  Any gas that is spent over the allowance should be paid out of pocket by the employee.  Of course if your company lets you keep your car you should not take advantage of them by driving it cross-country on vacation.  Some companies have mileage limits, too.  Make sure you are familiar with the rules of personal use before accepting it.  Some people have been terminated from some companies for not following company car rules.

Overall, if your company offers you a car through a fleet company, chances are the positives outweigh the negatives.  Having a company car is a great way to have a car without having to worry about the maintenance or cost.  It also gives you the chance to have a reliable car that if there are any problems, the car can easily be replaced.

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