Comparing 5 Popular Online HR Software Systems

Before investing in HR software, it is worthwhile to look around for the one software that will do it for you. In this article, we hope to make it easier for you by comparing some of the best software in the market by analyzing the value they offer you.

1.     BreatheHR
BreatheHR offers a web based HR solution that breaks through the geographical barriers that have for a long time hindered HR managers from effectively doing their work. It comes loaded with useful features such as centralized employee information, document management applications, task management facilities, performance management tools, online sickness reporting services and self service holiday booking kit.  Documents and employee information is stored securely, and retrieval is within seconds as it comes with advanced search options. Such information can be accessed from anywhere within the globe, and sharing is a downhill task that requires no effort. It actively tracks employee absence and generates reports which act as evidence and as the basis for making decisions to avert losses which result from absence. It uses a centralized calendar to keep absence under check. Appraisals are made easier as the software keeps accurate records of meetings and employees’ performance. Employees’ objectives are also streamlined with the company’s objectives. There are reminders as to deadlines and important meetings to ensure that all goes well. Any changes to the system can easily be tracked, and security threats are not a concern with BreathHR.

2. Express Express is easy to use. The software is web based and can be used from a PC or from a server. It is full of exciting features that make HR management an easy task. For example, it is programmed to automate more than 25 common HR processes, which avoids duplication of effort and ensures efficient utilization of the scarce labor. Employee data is securely stored electronically. Furthermore, the data is organized in categories that are easy to use, and access to data relating to employees’ personal info, absence, performance, abilities and health is possible from over 100 screens. Task management is made easy using unlimited modifiable event triggers which have reminders about tasks and the expected timelines. In addition, the software comes in with comprehensive inbuilt reporting capabilities which can be easily accessed from the HR dashboard.

3.     Myhrtoolkit
Myhrtoolkit is designed to make document management, task management, time management, absence, annual leave and HR reporting effortless. It is also an online system that incorporates all the basic functions of human resource. Managers have an easy time in approving or rejecting leave requests because all they have to do is click on a few buttons and the job is done. Its reporting tools break down the data into simple reports that are easy to comprehend and act upon. Problems can be spotted from a distance and remedial measures instigated before it is too late. Records of employees’ work hours are very easily maintained, regardless of whether they are part time or full time employees. Time management is a major strength of this software. Tasks can be created and an online task list generated. At a glance, managers can see who has been assigned a particular task and when it is due. There are reminders which are utilized to ensure that deadlines are met.

4.     OctopusHR
OctopusHR is web based software that makes HR functions easy to carry out. Like most HR software, it has features like document management, absence management and centralized storage of employees’ information. It can run on various devices including PDAs and smart phones. Absence trends are analyzed and reports generated, with trends being picked. It maintains flawless and accurate information, with errors being picked without difficulty. It has options of uploading company policies, and where there are changes communications of the same is easy; all that is required is for the management to update the changes, with notifications being sent to employees who read through and acknowledge that they have read and understood the changes.

5.     Cascade
Cascade is designed to offer HR solutions that actually work despite the prevailing circumstances. It offers standard HR functionalities as well as a few additional packages. Data recording can be customized to meet the individual needs of the company. It incorporates organizational charts as well as organizational explorers which make HR work easier.

This article has been offered by Modi who has been involved with the development of Breathe HR Software.