Contentmart – Use It To Put An End To All Your Content Related Woes

As a freelance content writer, you might have faced the dilemma of not knowing whom to approach for work.  Or else, the work coming to you might be in fits and starts. As a result, you would find yourself overburdened with work at one time and sitting idly at another time. Moreover, he is always running the risk of having finished a work and not being paid for it.

The woes of a person looking for content are entirely different. He doesn’t know where to get a reliable, high-quality writer to meet his content requirements. If at he manages to find one, there is no guarantee that the writer delivers the goods within the agreed timelines. Also, every time he is in need of content, he has to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.

If you fall in either of the above categories, this article is for you. Thanks to Contentmart, a free online platform for content writers and clients in India, you can find yourself great offers and great writers – as the case may be.

What is Contentmart?

It is an Indian freelance job portal dedicated exclusively to content related projects. It is an online marketplace for content projects. A brainchild of Creative WebMedia, Contentmart has become a preferred platform for writers and clients in the short span since its launch.

What Makes it Preferable?

For starters, it is very user-friendly. There are no lengthy processes or formalities to register oneself on this platform. Furthermore, things have been explained clearly, so that the entire process starting from registration, project creation, acceptance, delivery, payments and dispute management can be carried out without any hitches. Everything on the site is simple. The website boasts of simple and easy design.

Why Contentmart?

As far as the writers are concerned, one of the key features of Contentmart is the guaranteed payment. When a client awards a project to a particular writer, he is required to deposit the payment with Contentmart. Once the writer delivers the article and it is approved by the client, the payment is automatically released. This means no writer will remain unpaid for the work undertaken by him.

For the client, the availability of options like setting deadlines, asking for modifications or reviews and the like are tools that can ensure timely delivery and quality control. If a writer fails to submit his work as agreed, the client can refuse to make the payment. Contentmart will give the writer a chance to put forth his view and examine the merit in the reason for rejecting the payment. Accordingly, the payment will be unblocked and returned to the client or given to the writer.

How to be a Registered User?

Registering yourself on Contentmart is easy. You have to choose your profile (client or writer) and register yourself with an email id. You can also use your Facebook profile for the same. Once registered, you can publish/bid for jobs and get going.