Cooking Essentials For Camping

Cooking alfresco or living outdoors at a festival or far away under the shadow of a mountain requires some equipment for cooking. So, what do you need to really tackle your outdoor adventure and keep your stomach full?

MSR Liquid Fuel Stoves

Looking for a cooking system that gets the job done quickly and efficiently in a easy to use manner? Then MSR Liquid Fuel Stoves are probably perfect for your needs. These stoves are fast and lightweight and ideal for carrying around. The MSR Liquid Fuel Stoves can be packed up easily and added to a rucksack, this makes them perfect for those who are camping here and there and need durability, easy maintenance and great flame control for their food on the go.


These items have completely changed camping for the better and allow you to easily fry whatever you want. They are ideal for that big breakfast of sausages before you set off for the day or for those fish dishes after a stint with a rod. They also are small, have a little footprint on your baggage area and allow for hassle free outdoor cooking, where you want and when you like.


The classic Zippo lighter is a must for those who go camping often. The simple and easily maintenance of the lighter and also it’s sturdy and well-built design have made it a classic. It’s also ideal for people who need to light up in the wind and is a sturdy and strong lighter that is going to beat matches each and every time. It’s an investment, it’s a classic and it will last you for a long time.


A good solid rucksack is a necessity and there’s no point in buying something that’s strong but heavy, or light and easy to rip as it won’t last. Finding the perfect mixture of both can often be hard, but it’s essential. If you’re putting your MSR Liquid Fuel Stoves, Skillets and all the other bits and bobs in them they will be under strain, yet you don’t want additional weight. You’d be surprised where the best rucksacks can be found, Gelert make quite good ones and they often have a quite large capacity, are comfortable and also a good fit for most backs – important if you’re doing much trekking with a heavy load.


The tent is among the most important of investments. Whether you want one for a festival or are hoping for something more likely to be used in colder and harder weather, investment and research are key to finding a good one.

Look for strong pegs, heavy duty zips and some storage pouches in a tent. They should also come with their own kit for putting them up and taking them down. You also want it to be light enough to carry around and small enough to put on your back. This can take time to find, but it’s certainly worth doing the research, as you’ll have it forever.

Trekitt offer a large range of camping essentials including the MSR liquid fuel stoves range