Cool and Exciting Things To Do In Jaisalmer (Golden City)

Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City of Rajasthan State it is situated in the Desert area and popular for its fort, Temples, Havelis, Bazaars and Desert Safari. They all attract tourists and must-see places when you visit Jaisalmer. This town is the Heart of the Thar Desert and a very good place to spend a weekend with Jaisalmer tour  packages

  • Desert Culture Centre and Museum

The Desert Culture Centre and Museum is a showcase of the culture of Rajasthan. The museum contains the different varied collections of ancient instruments, ancient and medieval coins, exclusive ancient textiles and valuable fossils that are deep mined from the sands of Jaisalmer Desert Camp. They also have utensils and alternative artifacts of old times displayed in the museum. The Culture centre is well maintained and properly organized. They also have a thing called ‘Karal’ that is used for Opium.

  • Havelis Of Jaisalmer

Patwa Haveli is the most luxurious of all havelis in Jaisalmer. With stone carvings and beautiful design, Patwa Haveli stands tall within the interior of a slim very little lane and it reminds of nineteenth-century Rajasthan. Salim Singh ki haveli has been designed on the remains of an older haveli of the late seventeenth century. The haveli was commissioned by Salim Singh the Ruler of the Kingdom and Jaisalmer is the capital of that. The haveli is located beside the hills close to the Jaisalmer Fort, with a beautiful design

  • Safaris and Festivals

A Desert Safari on Camels offers tourists the possibility to enjoy the wealthy, Desert culture of Rajasthan. The Camel Safari in Jaisalmer takes guests through some of the best villages of Rajasthan and exposes them to village lifestyle of the Area. The Desert Safari takes you to the desert sand dunes and ancient havelis, temples and exciting palaces.In the way, you can enjoy the traditional food of Rajasthan, and enjoy music with dances. The Desert Festival in Jaisalmer organized in the January month or February. It has Camels, Locals, Camel races, mustache competitions,  dance and music you will enjoy it when you reach there.

  • Temples in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is Famous for its ancient temples. Most of the temples in Jaisalmer are very old temples. These temples are from fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and they are beautifully carved with antique sculptures. On the pillars of those temples, we can see  Jaisalmer and get blessings at temples. Some common temples of Jaisalmer are Tanot Mata Temple Ramdevji Temple, Shambhavanath Temple, Rishabhanath Temple and Lakshminath Temple and many more   

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