Cool Concept Vehicles that Could Change the Automobile Industry

The future is here! Cars now have the ability to read you a restaurant review, text for you, and even start up the engine before you open the door! Automobiles sure have come quite a way in the last few years, and the rate at which technology is advancing is insane. If all this new technology is available in cars now, imagine what the future can hold. Many automobile makers develop cool concept cars, cars which are a thing of the future. Whether or not these crazy concepts actually turn into reality is one thing, but they’re no doubt very cool to look at. You can’t get one of these concept vehicles today, but check out a dealership near you like to find some awesome cars with awesome technology that you can buy today. Check out these awesome concept cars, and think about which one you’d want if you could purchase one today!

Mercedes-Benz BIOME

The Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept is truly one of a kind, even in the wild world of concept cars. Rather than being built in a factory, the BIOME would essentially be “grown” in a lab. The car would be built from a material called BioFibre, which will be stronger than steel yet lighter than metal, will be completely biodegradable and weigh in at less than half a ton. Even the wheels are grown from four different seeds, and the genetic DNA of the car will reside in the Mercedes star and accommodate specific requirements of customers. Don’t expect the Mercedes-Benz BIOME to be available any time soon; the technology to build it isn’t close to being developed.

Citroën Tubik

The Citroën Tubik conceptis making vans cool again. If the Tubik ever sees mass production, it could be the coolest road trip vehicle ever created. Citroën calls the Tubik an “executive shuttle” that fits up to 9 people, and the interior looks more like the inside of a popular nightclub than a van. The doors of the Tubik also swing open to reveal the full inside of the vehicle. In addition to the nightclub-esque interior, the Tubik also features some top of the line entertainment systems that make a long trip seem a lot shorter. On top of it all, the Tubik is a hybrid! If the Tubik ever sees mass production, expect it to become the most awesome vehicle for a road trip that money could buy.

BMW i8 Spyder

The BMW i8 Spyder is one of the most beautiful concept cars ever created, and its performance matches is appeal. The i8 Spyder has a 131 horsepower electric motor that operates the front axel, and a 3-cylinder gas engine provides 220 horsepower to the rear axel. That means the i8 Spyder goes from 0 to 62 MPH in less than 5 seconds, and can go about 20 miles on a fully charged battery. When running on gas, the i8 Spyder gets about 78 MPG, which is insane for a sports car of its type. Unlike the other concept cars mentioned in this article, we may actually see the BMW i8 Spyder in the near future; BMW has said they intend to begin production in 2014.

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