Cool Education Gadgets For Kids Under 10

Parents are always in search of new educational gadgets for their kids, especially during down time from school. Homeschooling parents seek these teaching aids all year! While there are a ton of educational tools out there, many are very expensive. Companies like LeapFrog manufacture wonderful teaching electronics, but not every person has the budget to fill their home with computerized goodies. But, to be honest, nothing helps with educational skills like good, old fashioned, hands-on skill builders. If you look hard enough you can find many different educational toys for children of all ages. Be crafty and your children will never know that they’re learning lessons!

  1. Static Electricity Bulb:This little lightbulb is powered by the static electricity your body holds! Ever walk across a carpet only to be shocked when touching a doorknob or another person? This light bulb uses that static to light up. Works best in the winter, but will provide a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Perfect for teaching about static electricity – without the usual shocking experience. To discharge the bulb you can touch the un-held wire to something metal (like a door knob, but not your brother).
  2. Rock-A-Doodle: While not technically a gadget, the Rock-A-Doodle set is too cute not to include. At well under the $10 mark ($6.76), this kit is a lot of fun for kids. They can create pets from rocks they collect. This helps them keep their artistic and creative juices flowing. There are kits in many different varieties  are available at
  3. One of the coolest new toys out on the market for children is Crayola’s 3D Sidewalk Chalk: At $3.99 is it one of the best values. Kids will have a blast using the chalk and then donning the included 3D glasses to watch their art come to life. This toy will stimulate creativity, problem solving, and stretch imaginations. The drawings are sure to excite kids up to pre-teen years. Non-toxic and washable.
  4. Another Crayola ‘win’ is the reasonably priced markers for toddlers. Tadoodlers are chunky, friendly animal shaped markers will let even the smallest hands learn how to doodle. Children as young as a year will love doodling and playing with their new marker buddies. Non-toxic and washable.

 It can be difficult to find electronic gadgets under $10. When thinking g of educational toys for your children, don’t discount old fashioned  toys. Paper, pencils, chalk, and any item that can be used for art is very educational. Children learn by doing – art is  not just about making pretty pictures, it is about creativity and problem solving.  Toddlers love using things like clay and finger-paints – these hands on learning experiences are important for small children. Don’t forget, older children still enjoy creating with clay and squishy paint, though some may protest ‘that’s baby stuff!’. Let your child lead the way with the types of activities they are ready for.

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