Cooling Parts For Polaris Ranger RZR

Cooling Parts For Polaris Ranger RZR

Most every UTV owner adds a few performance rzr accessories to their vehicle to get them out ahead of the pack, but all of that performance comes at a price.  While adequate for the stock RZR, the stock cooling system is not up to the task of keeping a heavily modified RZR’s engine in the temperature range that it needs to stay in. Fortunately, there are plenty of high performance radiators, cooling fans and silicone cooling hoses to keep the RZR’s head cool under pressure.

SuperATV’s performance radiator for the RZR will fit the Polaris RZR, 2008+Polaris RZR S, 2009 -14 Polaris RZR 4 800, and 2010+ Polaris RZR 570. This radiator offers the latest and greatest in cooling technology. The 1-up cooling kit is increases your RZR’s cooling capability by 30% over the OEM radiator. The radiator’s Heavy Duty construction features superior welds that offer 30% better cooling capacity.  This 100% aluminum OEM replacement radiator for high performance engines uses high efficiency air fins to accomplish excellent cooling proterties.  It is backed by SuperATV’s 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.  If you own a 2011+ model RZR you will need to trim your front bumper brace for fitment.

If you just want to protect your RZR, Yoshimura’s RZR radiator roost guard kit is a low cost solution.  Protecting your radiator and maintaining coolant temperatures is important in all types of high performance driving. This roost guard helps prevent the accumulation of mud and debris on the radiator that causes unnecessarily high temperatures. The Yoshimura Radiator Roost Guard deflects debris, allowing your radiator to remain clear and do it’s job of keeping your engine cool. This roost guard is an attractive alte spending hundreds more on a radiator relocation kit. For these and more than a dozen other cooling parts and accessories for your RZR, visit

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