Coorg – A Getaway To A Place With Trekking, Rafting and Waterfalls

Coorg is one of the most impeccable holiday destination and weekend getaway near Bangalore. The spot has all that you can ask for from exceptional beauty, quiet and peaceful feeling furthermore has a couple of exercises the thrill seekers would love to get reveled into. Coorg is the anglicized name of Kodagu – which is a region in Karnataka. It is widely known for as the prime destination for pepper, elaichi (cardamom) and coffee. This hill station town intrigues the tourist and travellers with its lush greeneries, beautiful landscapes and an unadulterated view of the whole scenery. Some of the main things to do and places to visit in Coorgare mentioned below.

Visit the Coffee Plantations

Coorg is known all over for its vast coffee plantations, both government and private owned. While during your visit, you can visit one of the many coffee plantations and not only witness the raw product of your everyday morning fuel, but also get to see its unique process of harvesting and plucking and further preparation.

Visit the Abbi Falls

The Abbi falls (or Abbey falls), is compared to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole world. This majestic waterfall is situated amongst rich coffee ranches and dark pepper trees along the sides of the waterfall. Monsoon season is the best time to visit the waterfall as the waterfall is filled upto its full capacity and water gushes down at full force. What makes a visit to this waterfall a great investment of your time is because, not only is this waterfall an immaculate beauty, you can walk around the area and discover so many more things which intrigues every visitor.

Head Out for Some Trekking

Some of the best known trekking trails in India are located here. The Tadiandamol top is the second most elevated in Karnataka. This spot is a dynamic area for trekkers. The encompassing locales offer a lot of picturesque enjoyments, while the Brahmagiri hill trek is known as one of the best in India. Some of these trails explore through the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and thick forests. This haven is the characteristic environment to a vast of quantities of elephants. You will start spotting elephants from afar.

Try the Famous Rafting

Rafting is something you cannot enjoy in any parts of India. Very few places offer the thrilling experience of rafting to its visitors. Coorg just happen to be one of them, and not just one of them, one of the most thrilling experience of the lot! The experience is so thrilling, people with medical conditions such as hypertension and heart problems are required to counsel a medical specialist before taking part in the activity. The beautiful crystal clear water of the Barapole river adds more to the experience. These activities are mostly included in every holiday packages of Karnataka and is a definite entry in the Coorg packages.