Coping With Grief

Unfortunately we will all experience grief at the loss of someone close to us at some time in our lives. Maybe it is a parent that we lose to ill health or simply old age or perhaps it is a close friend or relative who are taken from us early on in life due to an accident. For whatever reason the death of someone close to us can affect us in many different ways.

How We Can Feel
The feeling of grief comes in many different forms and these can range from anger to shock. Immense sadness can also make us unable to carry out normal everyday chores and for some people even getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle. Some people can also go through a stage of anger. They may feel angry at the departed for leaving them alone and this is often the case when a spouse dies and leaves the other with the upbringing of the children alone. Losing a parent can be extremely distressing and especially so if it is unexpected. When a parent is ill in hospital and death is inevitable then at least we get some time to get used to their departure. When their death comes unexpectedly it can hit us hard as a parent is generally someone we always think will be around as they have been since we were born.

Dealing With Grief
Grief can be dealt with in a number of ways and the help and support of others is essential. Even if it is just to talk about happy times and reminisce of years gone by talking with others who also knew the deceased. Carrying on as best we can with everyday life may seem difficult but is something that we really need to do as soon as possible. Although going out in public may not seem appealing getting on with our lives is the best way to conquer our feelings and is most certainly what the deceased would have wanted us to do.

Getting Help
Counselling is also now available for those really struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. You can ask your local funeral home for information on counselling in either group sessions or if you prefer on a one to one basis. By discussing your feelings and sharing your thoughts with a counsellor, grief will be a lot easier to overcome and you will quickly learn that although they are now gone your loved one will be forever in your heart and remembered fondly for many years to come.

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