Copper Nails – The Evergreen Choice For All Construction Purposes

Copper Nails - The Evergreen Choice For All Construction Purposes

Copper and its importance in architecture were unknown and thus utilized in the ancient times. Copper roof shingles of third century BC Loha Maha Paya temple in Sri Lanka, medieval architecture of Europe or the massive doors of temple of Amen-Re at Kanark in Egypt, prove that copper is evergreen. Today, the new innovative designs and products of copper are taking over the world. Copper nails like other byproducts serve for building and construction purposes.

Copper changes its color with time and due to exposure to weather conditions. In most of the climatic conditions, it alters to blue-green color while in arid climate it turns to nutty brown in color. Surface oxidation of copper when in contact with caustic atmosphere results in color change. Unlike rusting of metals, the surface of patina over copper protects it from corrosions. Its weather-friendly characteristic has made it durable as well as popular. Over the ages, its variety is increasing and so is its demand.

Copper nails are expensive than the galvanized steel and aluminum ones, but are worth it. The labor will be the same while using any type of nail. What is more important is the success and long lasting results. While other types might be cheap, their frequent corrosion and repair would cost you not any less. Think about the long run, just like you consider every aspect of a life insurance for better future. In addition, it is about the safety when handling projects of roofing. It requires stability, strength and safety. Therefore, it is better to shell out more money to ensure the safety. Plus it would not require servicing for long time. There are more positives to it.

Out of all sizes and types of copper nails, every variety serves different purposes.

  • Copper clouts and annular ring clouts are most commonly used. These are usually important for theconstruction of roof and are preferred over galvanized nails. These bind the slats and roofing materials. It is available in different sizes to serve other building purposes as well. These are easy to use and remove. Its recyclable property add to its positive characteristics.
  • Copper pins are of use during decorations, beading and in other crafts. Its short size makes it easy and safe to use for purposes like these. Its longevity gives the decorations long life. However, these are preferred solely for indoor use.
  • For roofing, copper disk rivets are favored while using cement tiles or slats. Its application makes task easy while also durable.

Its uses are extensive as is seen in the production and construction process. While working on major projects, the designers, architects, construction companies all favor copper over galvanized metals. The brains behind ancient and medieval architectures were well aware of the fantastic properties of copper. This wise decision is the reason why their temples and monuments still exist in amazing state. What people today are considering as a vital product has been vital in the past and will be so in the near future.