Cords and Cord Locks For Customized Solutions

Cords and Cord Locks For Customized Solutions

Anybody who’s ever had to load their belongings onto a moving van or into the bed of a pickup truck knows how useful bungee cords can be when it’s time to transport your stuff securely. But don’t let that common use steer you into thinking that you only need them when it’s time to move. Sliding cord locks and elastic bungee cord, also called shock cord, can be useful for all kinds of household and clothing solutions, too.

Camping and Hiking

When you’re hiking or camping, a sudden storm can really cramp your style. Many accessories for the great outdoors come with plastic cord fasteners so that campers can quickly cinch up their raingear, close up waterproof bags, or tighten an item of loose gear with a quick, one-handed tug. Silent and rust-proof, plastic cord stoppers can stand up to the nastiest conditions. They are especially suited for use with elastic cord since they can withstand the force they absorb from the flexing and bouncing of items tied down with elastic.

These items can still be useful once you’ve made camp, too. An extra length of bungee cord can help you store items off the floor of your tent and away from the ground. Whether you need to store food where pests can’t reach it or just hang up wet clothing, shock cord and cord locksare nearly indispensable for life in the great outdoors.

Storing and Organizing

When your kids have more toys than you have space in the toy box, bungee cord can help you manage the mess. If you can tie a few simple knots, you can make a macramé-style cargo web to hold their favorite stuffed animals with just a little time and a few feet of shock cord.

Whether you need to organize your child’s collection of plastic light sabers or your own collection of rakes and shovels, plastic cord fasteners and

elastic shock cord

can help. You can buy bungee cords with plastic or metal hooks on the ends, and these are a quick and easy solution for keeping extension cords tightly coiled or keeping tools in place.

You can also get bulk bungee cord without fasteners attached, so you can cut it to whatever length you need. Cord stoppers make excellent fasteners for the DIY approach since they don’t have to be permanently attached. That allows you to reuse the cord for something else later.

As you can see, the uses for shock cord and plastic cord locks are numerous once you start looking for them. You can use them to get a grip on the chaos at home or keep your campsite clutter-free.