Cost And Savings Of Air Source Heat Pumps

Most people instantly think about the costs when it comes to planning to install air course heat pumps to their property. However, the counterpart of this should be the savings and earnings that the homeowners can enjoy as the benefits of investing on such system. It is in this light that this article will discuss these two (2) aspects in the subsequent sections hereunder.

Nominal Costs of Air Source Heat Pumps
On the one hand, when it comes to the nominal costs of installing this system, it may, in fact, cost around £6,000 up to £10,000 for every unit. This is depending on the size and capacity of the pump system that the installer will put up. Aside from that, another aspect that people must consider when it comes to its nominal cost is its running cost. In this regard, this may, in fact, vary depending on various factors like the size or space in the households as well as the insulation system. Aside from that, the room temperature that the household wants to achieve affects the running costs too.
Savings from this System
On the other hand, the overall cost of using air source heat pumps cannot be attained if the savings from these will not be taken into consideration. This is because its worth can only be assessed by considering the nominal costs with respects to its monetary and non-monetary benefits.
With the foregoing, in terms of savings, this will be dependent on several factors like the heat distribution system, fuel costs, old heating system as well as water heating and even the control.
The heat distribution system is about choosing between the underflow and the use of radiators. The former seems to be better since it does not require the water to be used to be too hot. Aside from that, people would still be paying for the fuel costs even if home owners already have this system. This is because users still need to run it by the conventional electricity. However, if people are going to use an alternative and cheaper fuel, then they can surely save a lot.
For example, if your existing system is currently using gas to run it, people can have a saving of at least £130 per year for a system that is performing at 300%. Aside from that, if the system is using electricity or oil, the savings per year can reach up to £610 and £310, respectively.
This article was written by Enviko