Cost, Savings And Maintenance Of Ground Source Heat Pump

Three (3) of the most crucial things that homeowners need to consider about a ground source heat pump system are its cost, savings that the household will get from its installation as well as the requirement maintenance works for such system. We will explain these things in the subsequent sections.
Cost of Ground Source Heat Pump
On the one hand, installing this kind of system for a typical household application would cost from £9,000 up to £17,000. The cost may vary depending on different factors. For example, the system that should be used will depend on the size or area of the house. If the house is bigger, then a system with higher capacity might be needed. Aside from that, the insulation around the house will also affect the overall initial cost of installation. This is because if the house has no insulation system at all, the owner needs to spend for that too.

Savings from Using this System
The main indicators to measure the savings of a household for using this kind of technology are the monetary savings and carbon dioxide reduction per annum. These, of course, depend on the kind of system that is currently installed in a household, which are either assisted by gas, electricity, oil or solid.

  1. Gas system – there is no monetary savings for a ground source heat pump that is performing at 250%. This is because the costs and savings just equalize and reach the point of breakeven. However, there could be a £130 yearly saving if the system will be operated at 300% performance. On the side of the carbon emission, there is a 350 kilograms of carbon dioxide reduced every year for 250% performance while 800 kg reduction every year for 300% performance.
  2. Electric system – annual savings amount to £480 with 4,820 kg carbon emission reduction in 250% performance.
  3. Oil system – annual savings can amount to £180 with 1,180 kg carbon emission reduction in 250% performance. For 300% performance of the system, annual savings may amount to £310 with carbon emission reduction of 1,640 kg every year.
  4. Solid system – annual savings amount to £200 yearly with the highest carbon emission reduction of 4,950 kg yearly for system performing at 250%.

Maintaining a Ground Source Heat Pump
This system lasts up to 20 years and beyond. However, this will still require regular maintenance works. However, there is usually no additional cost for its maintenance. This is because this is usually covered by the package already.
This article was written by Enviko.