Could Your Summer Holiday Save The Greek Economy?

The Truth About Tourism

The first thing we need to clear up is that Greece and the Greek Islands are not being overrun by protests and violent demonstrations, despite what the mass media reporting would have you believe. Most, if not all, of the demonstrations take place in the capital, Athens, with the more popular tourist resorts quiet and calm, with people going about their daily lives as usual.

It seems that many people have taken the same view, with holidays planned to the area in the latter half of the year at the same level as normal.

Big Differences

Due to tensions throughout the Eurozone, the number of travellers to Greece from the larger countries of the continent has rapidly declined. French and German tourists, in particular, are staying away from the country, as they are fearful of a less than pleasant welcome. Why pay for a summer holiday to be riddled with angst and tension? For those of you who always blame the Germans for the lack of sunbed availability, this summer could be a success for you in that respect.

Other nationalities, and particular Brits and Americans who usually have more currency to spend during their holidays, can travel worry free however, as the country is grateful for any business it can get right now.

Discount Prices

The on-going economic uncertainty has driven down prices in every aspect of the industry, whether it be a hotel stay to the price of a meal in a classy restaurant. Supply is far higher than demand for the first time in many, many years, so everywhere has dropped their prices in order to be competitive in the market.

How Can You Save Greece?

With one in five Greeks employed in the tourism industry, the solution is simple: book your holiday direct. Not only will you be assured that all of the money you spend will be going directly to the hotel or apartment owner, you will probably end up getting a better deal than you would at the high street travel agency anyway. You can also target a Greek airline to get you there, however this will obviously need to be balanced on your ability and finances to facilitate travelling to a suitable airport.

If you are looking at package holidays, again go through a Greek company or a firm that specialises specifically in tourism in Greece, as this will see the vast majority of your spend reach the people who need it most, and give their economy a welcome boost.

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