Countries With The Worst Road Rules

If you think that your country has some crazy road rules then I can guarantee you that it is not as bad as these. Well that is unless you live in one of these places. These are probably some of the craziest road rules ever invented and some of them are actually pretty amusing and people would probably break these rules on a daily basis. This is our list of the most crazy road rules ever invented.

Melbourne’s hook turn:

This seems strange no matter how you say it. Basically, you need to be in the left lane to turn right. Yes, this makes no sense, but it has to do with the trams that cross intersections in the CBD. The driver must stay in the left, wait for the traffic light to turn red and then make a sharp turn to the right. Prepare for a fine of around $75 for not sticking to this rule.

Women drivers in Saudi Arabia:

Women are not allowed to drive on the majority of public roads in this country, and are also not allowed to ride bikes. Women who do not obey the rule may be arrested and even deported.

Watch the puddles in Japan:

A favourite past time between students and young drivers is the chance of splashing a pedestrian after some rainfall. In Japan, this is considered extremely rude though and could land you a $65 fine.

Don’t get caught in Bangkok’s changing one-ways:

In many of Bangkok’s rural roads and alleys, the one-way lane changes direction at a certain time of the day. The high amount of traffic is also not assisted by the fact that highways can see a number of lanes change directions, or suddenly reduced, to allow on-coming traffic to flow.

Herd crossing:

In South Africa, motorists are required to stop and allow herders to cross the road in rural areas. Failing to allow this, and possibly killing his cow, can fetch you a fine as high as $535.

Apply for a Vietnam license:

If you are from the United States and you visit Vietnam, your driver’s license will not be valid for driving on their road. You need to get a temporary driving permit, or alternatively you can risk it – but being caught could earn you three years in prison. If you cause an accident, you could get a sentence as long as 10 years!

Darren Vrede is an online content writer that has written various articles relating to the automotive industry. He has always been one to go on chauffeur drives and explore the world from the backseat of luxury vehicles.