Courageous Cat Joins Warehouse Security Team

It goes without saying that commercial warehouses, which house retail stock worth hundreds of thousands, require the highest standards of security in order to prevent theft. A standard warehouse security system would include motion sensors, intruder alarms and security personnel on patrol day and night; recently however, a toy warehouse in the UK made headlines when they employed a security guard with a difference. Her name is Millie, she’s both attentive and agile, and happily works for a salary of… cat food and fish. That’s right, this UK warehouse has employed the world’s first-ever “security cat”!

The First of Her Kind

Millie, a Bengal cat with a soft tread and a loud purr, was spotted roaming the Bandai UK toy warehouse in Southampton, and the security team decided to bring her on board as one of their own, in a deputy role. Some warehouses are known to employ security units accompanied by trained guard dogs, but it’s believed that Millie is the first cat to land a job in the security sector. Millie’s owner is reportedly very impressed with her vigilant kitty’s new career, and says she will be an “attentive guardian”. She will also undoubtedly be a welcome companion to the Bandai warehouse’s human security guards as they work long shifts to ensure the safety of their stock.

The addition of Millie to this Southampton security warehouse team has generated a great deal of publicity and is sure to reflect well on the brand; honestly, what kind of toy shop wouldn’t want to order their merchandise from a warehouse with such an adorable mascot?

Festive Season Security

Millie will be protecting some highly coveted merchandise in her new role; the warehouse stocks a selection of popular kids’ toys and action figures, including top-selling ranges like Ben 10, Power Rangers and incidentally… ThunderCats! It seems the appointment of new warehouse security purr-sonnel has come about at the optimal moment too; retailers will already be putting in requests for Christmas season stock, and the warehouse is expecting a busy few months ahead. This naturally means stepping up security procedures, but the Bandai warehouse team are confident that their stock will be well protected with the help of Millie the security cat during the festive season.

Any “Grinches” out there with the intention of stealing Christmas toys had better think twice, lest they face the feline fury of this warehouse security cat!

  • CC image from Flickr

Sally Roberts is an avid blogger and animal lover who was delighted by this quirky piece of news; the idea of Millie the cat patrolling the warehouse’s mezzanine flooring really is cute!