Cove Cliff Place A Winner For Sustainable Architecture

As the world moves towards incorporating design into Mother Nature’s playground, as opposed to making Mother Nature work around mankind’s intrusion, architecture is coming up with amazing ways to incorporate homes into forests, not even forest clearings, but working architecture design around the way nature intended.

Cove Cliff Place

Cove Cliff Place is a wonder of architecture. The home is situated on a dramatic slope and offers a view over Indian Arm in British Columbia. The design incorporates a central log house pole, which is part of the structural support. The house is a waterfront property that has been built around the forest’s natural structures integrating the outside forest with the interior design of the home.

The surrounding area is heavy with greenery and tall trees that shadow the home. The views are exquisite and create an air of being one with nature from every window that looks out of the lake you can see nature at its best. The crystal water and exquisite greenery work extremely well with the architecture of the building. The pure art aspect of the roof is that it was designed to slope and follow the rising and setting sun. The exquisite architecture has made someone’s home more than a house, it’s a haven for the occupants and a blessing to the forest that, in an earlier age, would have been demolished and cleared for the structure. 

Cove Cliff allows for a life that includes mountain-biking, cliff-diving and pure enjoyment under the Canadian sun. Deep Cove was first known as Deepwater and is a popular summer resort for amongst the Canadians.  

The Architects of Cove Cliff Place

Designed by Broadway Architects who are known for their sustainable developments, Cove Cliff Place is the epitome of sustainable architecture that Broadway Architects strive to achieve. Ensuring that nature and man work well together, while never forgetting that nature was here first, the architects of this firm believe that successful design is achieved when the environment suffers minimal, if any, damage and resources are successfully recycled to achieve the perfect design.

The architecture of any building should require that nature be taken into account, whether it is a luxury property for sale in Florence or a spherical home in Australia, the environment should always come first. 

  • CC image from Flickr

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