Covering Your Bases: Ways To Invest In Gold

As interest in gold and other precious metals has been growing in the past few years, it has become paramount to know how many ways you can invest in bullion. Some believe that the only viable way to invest in gold is through buying physical metal, and while this is definitely a great way to go about it, it is not the only method of investment, and it is not the only way to reap sizable profits.

Gold Bars-Tried and True

As I mentioned in the introduction, buying gold bars is a great way to invest in gold. It is nice to know that you have physical gold in storage rather than just a piece of paper claiming you do. One of the things you have to be careful about when it comes to owning physical gold is the level of security around your storage. You may need to invest in a high quality safe, or you may even want to store the gold off site at a secure location. Some folks like to store their gold bars in safe deposit boxes, but the only drawback to this is what can happen in the event of a government seizure of assets. This might sound a little tin-foil hat, but government seizures have taken place before.

The Treasure of Junk Gold Coins

The term “junk gold” is kind of misleading because old gold coins are not junk at all. They are, however, old and generally far cheaper than gold bricks. There are some great deals on gold coins online, and while they give you the satisfaction of owning physical gold, they are also exponentially easier to store and transport.

Gold Futures-Risky and Profitable

A gold future investment is where you put money down on the delivery of gold in the future. Now, when it all works out, you will have acquired gold for far less than the trading price, but if no gold is recovered then you are out that investment. Gold futures can be highly risky, and you really want to make sure that you are putting money into a company with a long history of success.  

These are just a few ways to invest in gold, and if you do more research then you will find that there is a large variety of ways to invest beyond these mentioned. By keeping your precious metals portfolio diverse, but not stretched too thin, you will be setting yourself up for some solid gains.

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