Crafting Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

If you need to write and rewrite your name, business name, address or some other detail on hundreds of papers, a self-inking rubber stamp will help to ease your workload. A self-inking stamp will automatically coat the rubber with ink when slight pressure is applied.

One of the obvious benefits of having such a self-inking stamp is that you won’t have to carry inkpads, or check the stamp constantly to ensure that it has sufficient ink. Most importantly, these stamps will produce the same pattern every time they’re used, so once you customize you’ll have the pattern to use on your documents.

How Do Self-Inking Rubber Stamps Work?

Self-inking stamps are made up of three components; the stamp, stamp pad and the housing unit which serves as the handle. Using the stamp is simple. Just position the stamp on the document and apply slight pressure on the handle so that it pushes the stamp down to make contact with the paper. The downward motion connects the stamp and the ink, and then moves the stamp pad out of the way so your image appears on paper.

The Evolution Of Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are not new at all. In the past, they were primarily made from wood and rubber and had some limitations in size. Today they are constructed from plastic and other durable materials and are available in numerous sizes and custom shapes. Some of the more advanced stamps use light burst technology, so they will create thousands of impressions before they are re-inked.

Usingself-Inking Rubber Stamps

Self inking name and address stamp might be used for both business and personal use. Customize one with your address and use it to mark envelops, business correspondence or letters. If you mail out hundreds of envelopes monthly, you can make the task of including a return address simple by using a self-inking stamp. You can also include your logo alongside the address for a more professional look.

Brides can make use of these stamps to send out thank you letters to the guests who attended her wedding. Customized “Thank You” stamps make light work of this tedious chore.

Business departments such as the accounts payable department might use custom Paid, Approved, On Hold, stamps to organize the documents that might come across their desks.

You don’t have to limit your stamps to single words or plain texts. Today, you can add custom images to these stamps. For craft projects with the kids, you can commission a few frequently used images to make these projects fun.

Teachers, who mark hundreds of term papers a month, can create a stamp with frequently used terms like, Need’s Improvement, Well Done, or A+.

A business owner who signs the checks could have the signature embossed on a stamp to make it easy to sign checks and letters. If you go this route, it’s important to keep your stamp under lock and key to prevent unauthorized persons from signing your checks.