Crazy Fad Diets That Won’t Ever Work

For centuries there has always been a new way to lose weight. From juice diets to fruit fasting, there is a new fad diet every year. Some of these diets are sworn to work, while others are just too far out there to be taken seriously. Even though doctors suggest eating right and exercising to lose weight, the people who thought of these following diets have taken a completely different route altogether.
The Alcohol Diet:
This dizzy diet was thought of by England’s William the Conqueror. Once he got too big to ride his horse, he decided to stay in his living quarters and stop eating completely. Instead he survived strictly on alcohol in order to drop the pounds. Eventually William died from complications after he fell off his horse. However, we all know the complications of living on alcohol and drinking heavily, so this diet would do more harm than good.
The Twinkie Diet:
Millions of people love Twinkies, the crème filled yellow snack cakes. However, many of us eat them in stride. With the Twinkie diet, that is all you eat. The premise is that a single Twinkie has only 150 calories. So by eating 10 Twinkies a day, you only take in 1,500 calories a day, an amount that is easy to burn off. But as with any food, if it is all you eat you will eventually not want it anymore. Aside from that, your body requires more nutrients than these amazing little cakes can provide.

The Chewing Diet:
This is a simple diet that comes with a lot of spitting. Art dealer Horace Fletcher thought by chewing your food 32 times but never swallowing would offer you the taste of food and all the nutrients your body needs. Modern medical science has disproven this theory by showing you don’t absorb the amount of nutrients your body needs in order to be healthy. Not to mention the rude table manners of spitting out your food after chewing it.
The Tapeworm Diet:
For the extreme dieter, try a parasite. This fad diet is actually banned in the US. Consumers of this diet take a pill full of tapeworm larvae in order to let it grow inside them. Once it begins to grow, the tapeworm will eat the food for you. Once you are at your ideal weight, another pill is taken to kill the worm. This also means you won’t get the nutrients your body needs as the worm devours all. This may also lead to more problems other than you not fitting into your bathing suit. The parasite can lay eggs in other parts of the body and lead to seizures, dementia, and much worse.

There are hundreds of extreme fad diets floating around the internet and TV. As long as people are looking for an easy way to lose weight, these diets will continue to be developed. The best way to lose weight and keep it off isn’t by dieting, it is by re-teaching yourself how to eat properly and exercise. Dietary aids combined with eating right and staying active can improve your chance for weight loss with far less risk than any fad diet out there. Losing weight often takes more time than it took to gain it. By changing your lifestyle, you can get it off and keep it off.
Samuel Akers is a health blogger and contributor for, a site where you can find more information about weight loss.