Create A Fun Conservatory Games Room

Just because your conservatory is the perfect place to relax doesn’t mean that it has to be boring!
Whatever your domestic situation is, if you fancy creating a fun space for activities to take place in your home, look no further than your humble conservatory!

For the little ones
Sometimes our little angels can turn into noisy little devils; wouldn’t it be great if they could play in an environment which has all the safety of home without causing a disturbance throughout the rest of the house?
A conservatory can be made into the ideal children’s play area with the right precautions:
Make sure than any electrical sockets and the like are all fully ‘childproof’ and ensure to remove any dangerous items from your conservatory, such as gardening tools – essentially, take the same precautions you’d take in other rooms around the house and don’t forget to supervise their play.
Once you have made your conservatory a safe play zone, it might be a good idea to make sure that the area is also decked out in a practical manner, particularly if you have a garden (mud, slugs and other things from the garden could find their way onto your floor and surfaces, so it needs to be easy to clean);
One of the best parts about making a play area out of your conservatory is that, during the summer months, when your kids are having fun playing outdoors in the garden, they can also come in to get a drink of juice and relax after their adventures;
It also means that when the weather takes a turn for the worst, the fun doesn’t need to end – they can simply run in and take shelter in a well-lit, beautiful part of your home.
For the young at heart
Sometimes a games room is too good to just give to the kids: whether you have a brand-spanking-new games console or a dusty chess-set which you want to have fun with, you could easily make your conservatory an area where you can go to seek entertainment;
Imagine: a tense poker game, winning first place In a 2 player game of ‘pole position’, scoring ‘180’ on your trusty dart board, or even making a winning ‘147’ break during a dramatic game of snooker– all in the idyllic surroundings of your bright and lush conservatory!
Think about how suited the activity will be for your conservatory: for example, a table tennis game will require much more floor-space than a card game table, so plan ahead and take note of dimensions and estimate if it will be sufficient for the activities you have planned!
If your gaming experience will require electricity or an internet connection, make sure that the necessary outlets are installed: Wi-Fi can come in very handy if you are looking to keep your conservatory as wire-free as possible!
If you decide to install a projector for a nifty home cinema, consider adequate blinds: a conservatory is a naturally bright place during the day (which would not make for optimum viewing conditions for projected movies), but with a bit of careful attention to detail, you can create the perfect environment to crack out the popcorn and watch your favourite flicks on the big screen!
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