Create Lasting Memories With A Fireworks Display

Create Lasting Memories With A Fireworks Display

Fireworks have been used for thousands of years. They can be traced back to China’s Han dynasty in 200 B.C. Many historians believe those early ones were made with pieces of green bamboo which exploded with a bang when the air trapped inside was heated. It was called paochuk. This was many years before gunpowder was invented. The Chinese are thought to have used it to entertain crowds and scare off spirits, including Nian, the evil spirit they believed ate crops and even people. They used them to celebrate births, coronations and weddings. They were also used in New Year’s celebrations to ensure happiness and prosperity.

With the discovery of gunpowder in China between 600 and 900 A.D. during the Sui and Tang dynasties, the nature of pyrotechnics changed. Today the mixture, which the Chinese called huoyao (fire chemical), is used in pyrotechnic displays all over the world. Nowadays, people looking for an exciting combination of noise, light and color can easily find information about ordering fireworks online. With an amazing array of fountains, wheels, roman candles, mortar shells and more that can elicit screams, laughter and awe, the ingenious designs and proprietary mix of chemicals creates an incredible combination of colored light and stunning sounds.

While firework play is incredibly fun, it is also very important to keep some key safety tips in mind. No one wants a night of great fireworks to turn into a problem, so always take care when handling these bundles. Always have adult supervision when handling fireworks and only let adults handle the matches or lighters. Step back from the firework once it is set to go off. You can have just as much fun by stepping back a few feet! You should always store fireworks in accordance with manufacturer specifications and recommendations.

Never transport them inside of the car cabin, but transport them in the trunk or in a non-sparking container with a lid. These items are meant for outdoor use only and should never be used indoors. Always have water nearby just in case of a fire or malfunction. For a more comprehensive list of safety precautions, check with your supplier or with the local fire department. Remember, safety first, and everyone can have a good time!

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