Create The Perfect Flapper Costume With A Promo Code

Halloween is one of the best holidays for many because it involves dressing up as a favorite character, or enjoying a costume from a decade or period long gone. This is why so many love going all out with their costumes.

One of the most popular costumes for women is the flapper look from the 1920s. This flirty and sexy style is perfect for anyone who wants a great outfit that is sure to turn heads the entire night.

Recreate The Hairstyle Or Use A Wig

The first thing step in creating this look is to recreate the stylish hairdo that flappers sported. This hairdo is best recreated by those who have medium to short hair, but can be done with longer hair with a bit of adjustment.

If recreating the hairstyle is too difficult, the next best option is to use a Wholesale Costume Club promo code to get a wig that is already dyed and styled perfectly. This is also the perfect choice for those who want to try on a different color of hair for the evening.

Some wigs may come with the embellished headbands and fascinators that are used to complete the outfit. If they do not, they can always be purchased online through Wholesale Costume Club.

Choose A Dress That Fits The Period

After choosing a wig, the next step is to pick out the dress. Most all of the flapper dresses are very slinky and feature tassels or fringe that shakes and shimmers with every movement.

Red and black dresses are among the most popular as they create a stunning appearance that embodies the spirit of that decade and its carefree lifestyle. These often make the best choices for those who want something that will turn heads.

Other color variations are also possible, depending on the type of impact that is desired. Cream and silver dresses can look stunning against some skin tones, and can help any woman stand out in a crowd.

For those who do not care if it does not look entirely authentic, more colorful dresses can also be worn. Bright pink, and even animal prints can be used to create a more modern flapper costume for Halloween.

Those who want something a little more sultry may prefer to look at lace and more form fitting dresses for their flapper costume. One-shoulder designs can also be worn as they reveal more skin while still keeping to the spirit of the costume.

Add Accessories And Shoes To Complete It

No flapper outfit is complete without accessories, which is why it is important to choose a good costume shop. A good shop makes it easier to find all the accessories at reasonable prices, making it easier to pull the outfit together.

Pearl necklaces are an iconic part of the flapper look. The most affordable way to get these necklaces is to look for faux pearls as they cost significantly less than real pearls. Bracelets may also be worn, but it is important to keep them simple to avoid overloading the outfit.

Long opera gloves and a headband are also top choices for those who shop with a Wholesale Costume Club promo code for Halloween as these are often associated with women in that time period.

Wendy Burns writes for The Coupon Scoop who provides the latest coupon codes, deals, and promotions from all your favorite online retailers.