Creating A Custom Rug To Tie Your Home Together

Homeowners spend a lot of time on the type of furniture they want in the home, what they want to hang on the walls and what colors will be used on the floor and walls. A great addition to any home is a beautiful rug that helps to accent the overall theme of a room. Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike could spend hundreds of dollars on a quality rug with a designer brand name. If, however, you are on a tight decorating budget, creating your own custom rug could be a better option.
Creating a custom rug is not as difficult as it seems. With the right tools, anyone can create a fabulous looking custom rug. If a beautiful and bold pattern is what you are looking for in a rug, then you can create anything you want with a plan sisal rugs. Sisal rugs are easy to paint on and come in a wide range of sizes. Once you choose the size of sisal rug you want, it is time to plan the pattern you want to apply. Start the process by brainstorming with a few sketches. You can choose to go the straight and narrow with clean-lined patterns, or you can get a bit free and use a more curvy, swirling pattern. It is up to you what type of pattern you think will best match your current decor.
The next step is to consider color. Will your rug pattern be a single color or multiple colors? Since sisal rugs are a plain tan color, you may need to add a base coat color before adding the pattern color. Make sure that when you do choose your rug colors, remember that the colors do not have to match your decor, but should accent it. A rug is a place where you can put a great pop of color.
Now it is time to prep the rug for painting. Take a roll of painter’s tape and begin laying out your pattern. If your pattern includes more curves than straight lines, you may want to cut out a template from cardboard to create the pattern. Once the tape is down, you can begin painting. When painting, you can use either a roller or a brush, but rollers have the ability to apply paint evenly and quickly. After the rug is painted, you can carefully remove the painter’s tape and you will have your pattern.
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