Creating a Face Painting Kit for Parties and Holidays

Inseparable from certain holidays and celebratory traditions, face painting spices up parties and sports events alike.  Face painting is a great skill to learn for fun and profit especially if have a natural passion for art and creativity.

Developing this skill requires incredible patience and dedication. The best way to begin is to read books and articles written by professional makeup artists to become familiar with the basic theories and safety guidelines. Watch all of the instructional videos you can find online to see the art form in action, to see the variety of tools and techniques used by experienced painters.

Paints and Practice Supplies

Find yourself a good color wheel and invest in high quality paint cakes in bright primary colors (plus white and black). Get your paints from trusted brands and reputable retailers –you’ll have the huge advantage of quality materials and expert advice if you buy face paint from an established source with experience in the industry. Try several brands so you can get a feel for how each feels and reacts.

Most places that sell paint cakes will also sell practice heads. Start with a few books about face painting to learn about basic techniques and to get an idea of the most commonly requested patterns. Watch videos online to learn a little bit about how the tools are used. Get comfortable with the practice head before trying your new skills on friends.

Applicators and Brushes

You’ll need a nice varied selection of brushes to create the variety of textures, shapes, and special effects that popular patterns demand. Start with big applicators to apply the base colors. High-density foam circles and soft wedges are good choices. Create interesting patterns with shaped sponges (acorn shapes for scales, rounded cones for dots, spheres for bubbles) and use firm brushes for fine details and final line work.

Invest in sturdy brush holders and water buckets so you can work without worrying about spills or drips. Ask your brush and sponge manufacturers to provide you with cleaning recommendations to increase the longevity of your supplies. Find a sturdy tote bag so you can store and transport your equipment to and from events.

Cleanup and Removal

Keep a couple of fresh disposable washcloths on hand so you can catch any drips or spills before they have a chance to set. When you feel comfortable working on the practice head and want to begin painting real people, start building the good habit of washing/sanitizing your hands and supplies between each completed face. Protective aprons and hair ties will help keep outfits out of the paint. You’ll many discover new and innovative ways to handle unpredictable face painting messes as you go.

You will love every minute of the process. Every face painter has a different style – discovering yours can be extremely exciting. Practice every chance you get and watch your skills and potential grow. Become the biggest hit at sports stadiums, become the hero at family parties, or become an artist with the most fascinating canvas in the world.

This article was written by freelance blog writer – Eliza Sanders. Passionate creative and non-fiction writers with 7 years of Internet writing experience.