Creating A Holiday Experience On Your Patio

Creating A Holiday Experience On Your Patio

If you live in a climate that allows you to celebrate the holidays outdoors, you can definitely ramp up your patio with some great holiday decorating ideas that are sure to enhance your celebrations. With the following ideas, you can transform your patio to become a beautiful extension of your home where you and your guests can celebrate the holidays in style.

Warming Features

Even warm climates can experience some cool temperatures. When outfitting your patio for the holidays, you may want to install a heating feature like an outdoor fireplace or a large fire pit to add some warmth to your patio. These features also make dramatic focal points, and the hearth has long been a central gathering place for families celebrating the holidays. During your holiday celebration, you can serve mulled wine or hot cocoa to your guests as they mingle around your warming feature.

Outdoor Tree

If you plan to celebrate Christmas on your patio, installing a decorated tree is in order–even if you already have another indoors. Your outdoor tree can feature lights as well as decorations that are appropriate for the outdoor setting. Instead of glass ornaments, consider decorating your tree with rustic materials that will hold up outdoors. You might even host a special tree-trimming party on your patio and allow guests to help you decorate your holiday tree.

Seasonal Cushions

During the holiday season, you can enhance the look of your patio by adding new cushions to your patio seats. Choose winter patterns or colors of the season when selecting your patio cushions. You can also add some extra outdoor pillows with festive designs. Simple burlap-covered pillows stamped with silhouettes of reindeer and evergreen trees will complement your patio throughout the winter season.


You can add lots of holiday details to your outdoor décor when you hang greenery throughout the space. Garlands of evergreen and spruce will ramp up the holiday appeal of your patio. You can add pinecones, dried berries, or red ribbons to your greenery as well. You might hang greenery to frame your patio doors, to festoon your patio table or outdoor fireplace, or along patio railings or walls.


You’ll want to add more lights to your patio to enhance your holiday celebrations. You can add lights to your backyard trees as well as along the edges of your patio. The more lights you add, the more festive your patio will look. Lighting features can transform your patio for the holidays and will complement your family gatherings there. You can also place battery-operated candles and oil lamps on your patio tables to light up the space even more.

Naturally, if you have outdoor props, you can make personalized decorative displays on your patio or in the backyard within view of your patio. Celebrating the season outside can be an inspiring way to entertain family and friends. Keep these ideas in mind as you decorate your patio and home exterior for the holidays.