Creating A Welcoming Presence With A Door Mat

Door mats are often called welcome mats. As well as creating a welcoming environment to the property they actually have an added benefit of keeping unnecessary mud and dirt including germs away from the floor of the room and house. Because door mats are in place they are used a lot, they can often wear out frequently; this is where materials such as rubber or PVC used due to the hard wearing nature of these materials.

There are different types of doormat available including:-

Rubber Doormats

Due to the durable nature of rubber mats these are the best solution for coverings floors. Being functional doesn’t mean they have to be boring though and rubber door mats are often available in a range stylish designs and cuts. Because they work as all-weather mats, are light weight, easy to handle and very easy to wipe down, they are suitable as outdoor mats too.

PVC Door Mats

The PVC door mat is both strong and durable due to its design. They are usually made out of indian coir thread which is then clumped onto a vinyl base. These types of mats are available in a wide selection of both designs and sizes, The coir mat is the type of mat often used as entrance matting and can easily be personalized with an image or brand.

Handmade Mats

Whilst, not the most affordable of entrance mats, handmade mats are often used in luxury settings or formal entrances. Flowers or other prints are carved into the mat by hand. These help create a very welcoming place to any guests to your property. These types of mats are often favoured in passages, kitchen entrances, next to beds, hotels or restaurants.

 Coir Doormats

Coir or coconut matting as it is often known as, comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. These door mats are of exceptional quality as they are hand inlay crafted. Logos or images are not printed onto the mat but are actually hand created. These mats have been the favourite choice of entrance matting for years.

 Cast Iron Mats

Cast Iron doormats are becoming ever popular. Made to look with antique looking finish, they can look elegant and beautiful, whilst act as a powerful and durable mat.  They have the added advantage of being easy to maintain and functional with various sizes and shapes available.

As you can see there are a wide variety of doormats for you to choose one for your home depending on where you are going to use it and for what purpose and how hard wearing you require it to be. Have fun choosing the one for you


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