Cultivate A Garden For A Healthier And Happier Home Environment

Nature has receded considerably from our lives as we live in a concrete jungle. Thus, it is indeed a boon if one can commune with nature in one’s backyard. Studies prove that a little bit of greenery is soothing as well as healthy and so having your own little garden will keep you cheerful as well as relaxed. Your garden can be a quiet nook where the cares of life are kept at bay. Gardening helps reduce stress and the manual labor involved will get you into a healthy sweat.

Sweat helps get rid of harmful toxins and breathing the outdoor air is refreshing and better than watching television. You can even have nice Sunday picnic meals in the garden or sit on a patio chair and read a book or listen to music.

A great investment

A garden can be an investment in terms of health, wealth and happiness. Here’s how that can happen.

  • Increases the overall value of your home and also the look.
  • Grow organic vegetables which are pesticide free and fresher than most of the produce available in the supermarket. Besides, growing your own veggies can cut down on food bills.
  • Have a Zen garden to enhance positive vibes and ensure the perfect place for a spot of meditation too.
  • Try having a French window opening out towards your garden for a spectacular view as well as cooling of the room.
  • A good landscaped garden can cut down on energy bills as it will provide adequate shade in the summer and warmth in winter.
  • Gardening will help distress you as the labour involved as well as focus and concentration required will cause you to temporarily forget any stressful issues and also increase your fitness levels.
  • The growing of plants and trees is in sync with keeping our planet green.
  • Have a bird bath and feeding zones so that you can wake up every morning to the sweet chirping of birds and enjoy bird watching.

The green effect

Greenery soothes us and having our own green space where we can sit at leisure and watch the rain or listen to the birds is a rare pleasure in the rat race of modern living. As it is your own private garden, there is all the privacy and also the facility to enjoy using it at any time of the day or night. Watching flowers and fruits grow and tending to plants will be a source of pleasure. The thought  that you too can help cause something to grow and the smell of wet earth and early morning dew is refreshing to the senses to say the least.

A perfect picnic spot

You can keep some patio furniture and have mini picnics or even small garden parties.  Soaking up the sun is important for good skin and eye sight. There could even be a small game zone so that you can exercise and do a spot of sunbathing. If your budget is flexible, a small fountain or pool can be a charming addition.

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