Cultures Of Wanderlust: The Ten Countries That Travel The Most

Cultures Of Wanderlust: The Ten Countries That Travel The Most

Across the world, people are traveling more and more. Due to a combination of economic access, ability to accept another cultural point of view and a cultural desire to see the world, some nations are more likely than others to pack their bags and take a trip, earning themselves the distinction of being the most “well-travelled countries in the world” according to Timtric. Here is the list of countries whose citizens are most likely to get out and travel.

10. France

Although France is one of the most visited countries in the world, the French love to do a good deal of traveling of their own, both within their borders and beyond. With all of Europe right at their doorstep, who can blame them?

9. Australia

Australians have a nationwide case of wanderlust, and are well-known around the world for their love of travel. According to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 8.2 million residents travelled outside of Australia’s borders in 2012. That’s more than a third of the population! Aussies favourite places to travel to be New Zealand, Indonesia and the U.S.

8. Canada

Canadians love to explore. The average Canadian makes one international and 3.2 in-country trips every year. With a country as beautiful and vast as Canada, there is plenty to see without ever leaving the country. When they do leave, it’s no surprise that the number one destination is neighbouring U.S.A., followed by the warm climates of Mexico and Cuba.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and is quite remote, so it makes sense that Kiwis do most of their traveling domestically. New Zealand’s citizens make an average of 3.8 domestic trips per year.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an incredibly multi-cultural city, home to many expats. It is also quite small, so the residents of Hong Kong clearly love to get out to the wider world, making an average of 4.3 international trips every year.

5. Norway

Norwegians come in the top five with their average of 5.2 trips per person each year. Along with the other Scandinavian countries that top the list, economists point out that the expensive cost of living in Norway, combined with high incomes and employment rates, makes international travel attractive and economically feasible for many Norwegians.

4. Denmark

Situated right in the middle of Europe, with easy access to Scandinavia and central and Western Europe, the Danes have a good excuse to get out and about. That has led to a culture of travel, with citizens taking an average of 5.3 trips every year.

3. Sweden

In Sweden, it is very common to have a second home out in the countryside or by the sea. The frequent trips to these “summer houses,” set in the breathtaking scenery of Sweden, gives the Swedes an average of six trips every year.

2. United States

The vastness and diversity of the U.S. means that the majority of Americans prefer to travel across their own country rather than traveling abroad. Plus, a demanding work culture and high cost of international travel also discourage travellers from leaving the USA. But they aren’t just sitting at home. Americans, on average, take almost 7 trips per year.

1. Finland

Topping the list of most well-travelled nations is another Scandinavian country – Finland, with an average of 7.5 trips per person per year. With a beautiful country to explore and cold winters to escape, it makes sense that the Finns have developed a culture that celebrates travel.

Whether discovering new and foreign countries, expanding your interpersonal skills by learning a local language or exploring the riches of one’s home country, travel is an incredible and rewarding experience. To better understand your world and yourself, follow in the footsteps of these travel-loving nations and get out and see the world around you.