Current Challenges In Humanitarian Aid Efforts

Every year various NGOs, the UNO and such international organizations contribute their efforts and money to help poor nations on humanitarian grounds. Other than the material or financial help these organizations extend to people of poor countries, especially when those are passing through famine, droughts  or any such natural disaster or are faced with civil unrest, a by product of such efforts is that it keeps international community talking about certain issues and helps diplomatic efforts. We are going to face certain issues and developments this year too, and it would be worth talking about these here.

Haiti continues to be in the midst of calamity, which has continued when it was struck by an earthquake. A number of Haitians do not find global aid workers trustworthy, particularly after that cholera epidemic. Fortunately, Haiti surely has natural resources that could be exploited by international companies, thus bringing money to that country. The funds so received could be gainfully utilized to help the country and its people to overcome several issues. However, the funds can’t start pouring immediately and if the government is corrupt, they cannot in any way be expected to reach the deserving people.

Since the developed or capitalist countries of the world are undergoing an economic crisis, the amount of money these countries can give to the United Nations plus NGOs like will be reduced. Yet, we have some new persons at the helm of affairs,who could be expected to reshuffle the UN to make its working more efficient and thus manage to deliver more despite the limitations it is facing.

Well, the monetary system is already strained and nearing breaking point at many places. For instance, Africa is faced with the additional challenge of violence apart from its helplessness of procuring food, its priority.  Different parts of Africa give the impression of fighting over resources, religion, food problems and pay. It seems fundamentalists from  rival religions are causing widespread violence and destruction to take revenge amongst them.  Tragically, many human lives are getting lost, making it too difficult to bring  democracy, stability and economic security to all.

Because of the ongoing bloodshed, it is becoming increasingly difficult for various organizations to procure volunteers plus personnel for working in such nations to lend them a hand in helping themselves. Subsequent to the Arab Spring, populations of many countries of North Africa and the Middle East are under constant strain. Now, these countries find the Westerners distrustful and do not hesitate to charge the Western World for all the rioting for which they themselves are responsible.  The situation there poses a great challenge for organizations making humanitarian efforts as those societies are wrecked to the extent that transportation and distribution of essential commodities required for maintaining such vast populations is in total chaos. The entire system has crashed.

The ongoing economic crisis in Europe and the US will make it difficult for them to spare funds for helping countries facing such enormous challenges.  The world seems  very close to witnessing a total disorder in different parts of the world, already laden with massive problems. Perchance, if those debacles take place in the current year, the rest of the world may be able to put money for solving those problems. However, the  problems are too many already, and any further addition to those will certainly affect humanitarian efforts.

We are passing through difficult times. Though some countries from the first world may fail to appreciate that yet some of them may be too occupied with their own problems to handle others’ problems.