Customize Coins For Heroes

The first major rule while designing and manufacturing custom coins is that it is crucial for the manufacturer and customer to work as a team all through the procedure. It assures a top notch production. A coin which the manufacturer will be proud to give as the recipient is to receive.

Technically, a custom coin manufacturer follows six crucial steps to design a custom coin

  • Client/ Manufacturer Interaction
  • Preparation
  • Size and Quantity to be Ordered
  • Shape of the coin
  • Its finish
  • Colour of the coin
  • And its packaging

Right after the client manufacturer communication regarding the order of the coins, the manufacturer commences with the artwork preparation. A reputable coin manufacturer presents the client with a rough sketch before providing with the finished art. This allows less complication and smooth dealing.

Speaking about the size of the custom coins, all unit coins hold a thickness of 3mm. a common size for coin is 1.5 inches. The cost of the coin increases with the increase in size. All coins are usually round in shape, but it is not compulsory. The shape of the coin is dominated by your imagination. It could be gear shaped, oval, emblem shaped or simply rectangular.

Talking about the finish of the coin, it totally depends on the client. If they demand it to be matted or shiny, or a smart combination of both! Selection of nickel, brass, gold and silver is also available. Today, almost all custom coins have colors added to them. You can select color as per your requirement as well as the graphic you wish to imprint on the coin. If you wisely choose the best name in custom coins, you can get the best crafted coin for yourself.