Cut Down On Bottled Water With 3 Tips

1) Bottled water can be an expensive choice to receive your recommended daily amount of water. While most bottled water is advertised as a fresh mountain spring source, most of it is simply filtered tab water. One easy way to cut down on bottled water is to simply buy your own water filter and run some tab water through it. While many may say that tab water should not be ingested as it is unsafe and may contain bacteria or pathogens, it is actually quite safe to consume and it may be put through a filter for those who worry about bacteria. Most people who purchase bottled water buy it because it is advertised as a safe water source, when in fact you can purchase your own filter and create your own fresh source of water within your home. This method can help you cut down on bottled water costs.

2) Another tip to cut down on bottled water usage is by re-using old water bottles. If you have not shared your water bottle with another person and the water bottle has not been subject to bacteria, it is completely safe to reuse. If you are worried about bacteria on the water bottle, rinse it in the dish washer or let it sit in hot water to kill any remaining bacteria. If you filter your own water, refilling your water bottle with filtered water is essentially the same as purchasing a new water bottle. By reusing water bottles, you won’t have to purchase a new case of water bottles every time you go to the store. However water bottles do go missing sometimes, but you can save a lot of money by not purchasing a new pack each week.
3) Simply not purchasing bottled water is another way to cut down on bottled water. Bottled water can prove to be quite expensive to purchase, and it is essentially the same water you would find from the sink of from your refrigerator. You would be able to save more money by buying a few bottled waters, and then refilling them once they have been used to reuse them. Most bottled water isn’t of good value as well, and it is often overpriced for the amount of water you would receive. Many water bottles are created in odd shapes so less water fits inside the container, which is a way companies save money. Not drinking bottled water also means you’ll be doing a favor for the environment, as most empty bottles end up on the ground or in the ocean rather than the trash can.
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