Cute Favor Ideas For Your Bridal Shower

Cute Favor Ideas for Your Bridal Shower
Normally, in exchange for the gifts given to her at the bridal shower, the bride will send her guests home with a party favor. Finding the perfect party favor for your bridal shower might prove to be difficult to some, but there are many unique ideas that go over looked. Below you’ll find food related favors that will make ideal gifts for your guests.

One fun idea involves baking cookies and packaging them in little bags. You can attach the recipe to the bag and include a cookie cutter with the first letter of the guest’s name. You could also make your own fortune cookies and type up your own fortunes for your guests. The fortunes could all have something to do with the bride and groom or the wedding. Appropriate fortunes would be things such as “The groom can’t stop looking at you!” or “You’re my favorite guest!”
Another creative party favor can be creating a miniature garden. Buy a planting pot for each guest and plant different types of cooking herbs. You can attach recipes to each herb that your guest could use later on. Along with the garden, you can buy individual teacups with different types of tea packets in them. The guest can choose a fancy designed teacup before they leave. Both of these ideas are fun and leave the guest with something to look forward to long after the shower is over.
For a summer bridal shower, you can serve ice cream with all sorts of toppings. The party favor could be jars full of ice cream toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cherries, cereal and cookie pieces. These jars could be personalized for each guest and reused after the toppings have all been eaten. Speaking of desserts, you can also make or buy chocolate truffles to add a bit of class to your shower. These truffles can also go along with the theme of your shower. For example, if you are having a country themed bridal shower, place the truffle inside a miniature wooden crate. If you are having a beach themed shower, place the truffle inside a miniature pale and shovel.
These are just a few ideas for food related favors that will provide your guests with a fun and lasting memory. However, you are not restricted to using just the above ideas. Come up with your own creative party favors for your bridal shower or check out part one of this article on bridal shower favor options!
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