Cutest Sea And Beach Creatures

The ocean and other bodies of water are filled with marine life in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them are vicious while others are docile. Some are extremely large while others are barely visible to the human eye. Some are extremely ugly, and some, like these XX creatures, are some of the cutest marine animals we know about today.

Harbor Seal
The harbor seal is one of the cutest marine animals out there today. The whiskers on their faces make them look like an old man, and their overall shape and size make you want to walk up and give one a hug. Harbor seals are mostly found along the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Sea Otters
If there was ever an animal that you wanted to pick up and snuggle with, a sea otter may be your first choice. These fuzzy and adorable animals tend to swim on their backs while in the water, making them look even more adorable. Native to the North Pacific Ocean, they will easily melt your heart.

Beluga Whale
Beluga whales are another cute marine creature. These mammals have large dark eyes and even larger heads. They can only be found in the cold water of the Artic, and they tend to stay in pods with other beluga whales. Their regular facial features almost give off a sense that they’re smiling at you, which is why they’re so cute.

Bottlenose Dolphins
If you ever have the chance to swim with bottlenose dolphins, do so, and take a picture. These cute animals are not only fun to swim with, but they’re extremely adorable that you may just try and figure out how you could sneak one home and where you could keep it.

Manatees are so oversized and strange looking that they’re cute. Known as the sea cow, their sweet faces make you want to give it a giant hug and possibly even a kiss. Manatees are extremely endangered, and many of them can be found at zoos and conservation parks.

Christmas Tree Worms
Though it sounds strange, Christmas tree worms do actually look like decorative Christmas trees. They may not have a cute face or give you a complete “aww” factor, but they do make you think of the holidays, and the holidays can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

No matter what type of penguin you’re looking at, these cute birds are truly a sight to see. From their short little bodies to their cute little faces and sealed with their bouncy waddle, these animals cannot simply get any more adorable.

Piglet Squid
The piglet squid may not sound like it would be cute, but it’s absolutely adorable. The creature looks exactly like a pig without legs and some fun curls on the top of its head. It’s very small in size, only about 100 mm in length, but anyone would love to hold one of them in their hands.

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