Dealing With Bullying And Low Self Esteem

Life can be difficult at times; learning to weather the storms is part of living a good life. But what happens when there are haters, and people who try to bring us down. Bullies start when we are young, and in some cases extend into our adult life.
Corporate America is filled with many bullies and people who try to bring each other down. Because of the natural breeding ground for competition the bully epidemic is increasing. People try to out do one another and sometimes they feel threatened, if another person out shines them. Welcome to the world of nasty name-calling, back stabbing and sabotage. If you have been victim of a work place bully situation here are steps to help you ignore the bullies.

Misery loves company
Recognize that people in the work place will act like children on the schoolyard. Human personality traits, characteristics and behaviors never really leave us, unless we truly look at them. Which means a child who was bullied or bullied in their primary years, will learn how to adapt to life and grow up with the same behaviors. That is why negative people tend to group together in the work place and gang up on individuals who are good workers sometimes in the work environment if a employee outshines another person or group, the people who are more negative will sometimes join together to bully the super star. This happens because they feel threatened and intimidated. If this happened to you, the best thing is to recognize that misery loves company and they will continue to do what is comfortable for them until they choose to look at their own behavior.
Choose love and respect
If you are a victim of a bullying situation the best thing you can do is not buy into it on any level. Continue to just love and respect yourself despite the circumstance.  All you need to do is hold your head high, love and respect yourself. A nice trick is to smile at them and let them know it is okay. Many bullies lash out because they feel insecure about themselves. Look at your own life and recognize all of the wonderful things about you and don’t let the bullies get to you. When you smile you tend to feel better, so smile more and smile often. If you are uncomfortable with your smile visit your dentist.
For more health tips visit Salmon Creek Family Dental, a dentist in Vancouver WA. Shannon Kaiser is a helath and wellness writer.