Dealing With Painful Periods

Periods are those days in the month that every woman detests and fears, especially if she is one of those to suffer from painful periods. Whether you are on the beach or watching a play, the pain will ensure that you are not enjoying anything. Your focus is on the pain and the leaks. Given below are some dos and don’t to help you during a painful period.

Things That Alleviate Pain During Periods

  1. Do Your Exercises – Light exercises, especially swimming and yoga help during painful period. Swimming stretches the abdominal muscles and thus, encourages blood flow into the pelvis and reduces cramps.
  2. Buy the Right Box – There are many products, some pretty and some that are not. Choosing the right box involves more than decoration. You must choose a box that would be suitable for your flow, your everyday activities and your body. Also, take leaks into consideration.
  3. Use a heating pad – Lie down on the couch with a heating pad and let the cramps go. It is effective and helps a lot.
  4. Chocolates  – Eating chocolates containing 60% cacao helps to keeps your spirits high during a painful period. The mood swings, associated with PMS, are also kept at bay with chocolate.

Things to Avoid During a Painful Period

If you want to get through the detested week with as little discomfort as possible, then avoid the following.

  1. Salted Snacks – Salted Snacks and all processed foods available contain a high quantity of sodium. It causes bloating leading to further discomfort. So avoid salty snacks during this week to keep bloating levels at the minimum.
  2. Avoid Saturated Fats – Saturated fats are known to increase symptoms of PMS as they increase levels of estrogen. Therefore, if you love red meat, abstain from it this week. There is always the next week to indulge yourself.
  3. Dairy Products – Dairy products contain high levels of arachidonic acids and saturated fats that enhance painful cramps. Since, you will be missing the calcium that is available in dairy products, take other foods such as green vegetables rich in calcium. They will not only reduce cramps by will also help reduction of muscle spasms.
  4. Dehydration – It is a common myth that drinking too much water during period causes bloating. This is a myth. In fact, not drinking water causes cramps and you can avoid them by drinking water and reducing water retention.

Now that you know the things to do and not do to keep your cramps away, you can now look forward to a cramp-free period.

Donna Green is a contributor for the site, In her free time, Green loves to try out new halloween costumes to put on a distinctive masquerade every year.