Decorating A Bathroom Using Black, White And Blue

These colours may seem boring at first but actually the old monochrome style is back. A lot of people believe that painting a room a dark colour such as black or dark blue will make the room seem much smaller; in fact this is not the case. By adding white accessories, it breaks up the monotonous vision of colour and adds the illusion of space and depth.

To make the ultimate statement of boldness in your home, paint the bathroom walls jet black or dark blue; you should consider using stencils or wallpaper to add white borders around the room. You could also adorn the walls with black and white photos in white frames, put up some white cotton curtains and tie them back with dark blue or black ties.

Floors & Fixtures
Black and white checked tiles on the floor will look great in any room that has dark walls, you could even consider marble if you want to add a touch of elegance to your classy new room. You can balance out the darkness of the room with white accessories, such as fluffy bath mats and towels. As far as fixtures such as the sink and bath go, make sure you stick with white.

For and heir of shabby chic why don’t you throw a white chandelier in there for good measure, if you like more light throughout the bathroom why not add sconces to the wall in appropriate colours or even black, white and blue candles throughout the room for the ultimate relaxing soak.

Whatever shade you decide on to be the main colour of the room choose accessories accordingly to add a splash of colour in order to balance out the darker shades of the room. Why don’t you make the accessories practical/ Use an old bookshelf, give it a lick of paint and use it to store your towels. Use a glass vase with some fake blue, black or white flowers – or a mixture of them all – and put in on top of your towel shelf. If you like the floral smell in a bathroom then you could also consider potpourri in appropriate colours around the room.

If you’re considering decorating your bathroom in black and white then you can pretty much go with any style you like. You could choose black and white shabby chic, or even black and white boutique, it’s completely up to you. After the colour, the style of your bathroom relies completely on accessories and finishing touches.

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