Decorating A Conference Room – The Vitals

When it comes to holding that all-important business meeting, making the right impression is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re looking to win over a new client or maintain that strong relationship with an existing customer, you really have to make sure you pull out all the stops – because if you don’t, you may lose out to a rival. There’s certainly a lot to consider when it comes to organising a business meeting, chief among which is making sure you choose the appropriate venue. You need to send out a message to clients that your business is the kind of forward-thinking, ambitious organisation that anyone would want to do business with.

But one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the importance of making sure your conference room is decorated in an appropriate manner. Here are a few tips to consider when planning the layout of your conference room.

Less is more

Perhaps the first thing to think about before you get to work is precisely what sort of style it is you’re going for. It might be tempting to go to town and decorate your conference room in a really lavish manner, but a more subtle approach could reap rewards. You need to ensure your conference room looks smart, whilst avoiding going over the top. To be frank, gaudy or garish decoration is simply visually unappealing and it may send out the wrong message to clients. You should avoid making the room look sparse, but adopting a minimalist style may be effective.

Keep it spacious

When you’re trying to get the layout of a conference room right, you should take great care to avoid packing too much in. By cramming too many pieces of furniture or oversized furniture into a conference room, you’re most likely to make things uncomfortable for whoever has to use it. Take advantage of the space that’s available to you, but make sure there’s plenty of room so that it doesn’t become stuffy or overcrowded. Whilst it’s crucial to ensure you have all the equipment and furniture you’ll need, think carefully about how you’re going to lay it out.

Think about colour

Refinement is particularly important when it comes to decorating conference rooms, so take care to avoid contrast between brash, unattractive shades. Try to keep things classy and subdued on the whole, although the odd dash of colour could work well for certain types of business – it all depends on what image you want your business to convey. And remember, different colours can have a truly transformative impact on any room, so a coherent colour scheme is essential.

Contributed by Liz on behalf of the CEO of IHG.  Liz is a regular contributor to numerous corporate travel and meeting communities. She specializes in luxury meeting accommodations such as the crowne plaza heathrow.