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Fireplace is naturally a thing that everybody will look in your home. It is the center of attention for all family members, especially when the fire is on. If you have a fireplace in your living room, it will naturally become a center of attention when you get together with your family in this room. Is there any way to make it look more elegant and cozy? The answer is on the fireplace mantle.

The fireplace mantle will enhance the look of your fireplace, which will also improve the overall look of your room. If you make your fireplace mantle more interesting, then you can make your room look more elegant and feel more comfortable. Here are 5 home décor ideas that you should apply to your fireplace mantle:

  1. Family photo

Putting a family photo above your fireplace mantle will help to give the feeling of familiarity in your room. This is suitable to be applied in your living room where you meet with all family members. A big family photo will give the feeling of connectedness in your home. Also, it is a great way to show your little happy family to your guests.

  1. Collections and souvenirs

If you like to collect things, it is a good idea to put your collections in your fireplace mantle. It is also a good idea to put souvenirs that you bought in your vacation just to remember the great moments. These things are good to be put on your fireplace mantle because things like these will attract even more attention to it.

  1. Match it with your room decoration

You might want to have a fireplace mantle that is suitable for the look of your room. For instance, if your room has brown color, then it’s a good idea to use wood fireplace mantle to enhance the look of your room. Of course you will need to further enhance your fireplace mantle by carving special patterns on it. This will depend on your taste.

  1. Paint your wood fireplace mantle

If you don’t want to spend too much money on decorating your fireplace mantle, then you can simply paint your wood fireplace to make it look more elegant and stylish. It is the cheapest way to decorate your room and give it a different look. However, you should be aware of the color of your room and your furniture. Don’t make it too bright in color, especially if you have a small room because it will make your room look a bit uncomfortable to be in.

  1. Choose the way your room will look

If you want to create a classic-style room, you don’t need to do anything other than changing your fireplace mantle. It’s the same if you want to make your room look more modern. By changing the style of your fireplace mantle, you can make sure that the room will get different look and style. An antique mantle will change your room into a classic-style room, while marble fireplace mantle will give it a modern look.

Decorating your fireplace mantle will help you to improve the look and feel of your room. It is a simple and easy way to improve the look of your room based to your taste.

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  1. I have to admit that a fireplace in the room makes it look really much more cosy and pleasant. Above my fireplace I have a collection of souvenirs that I and my family had collected from all over the world. And often my wife puts some sea shells in the summer – it’s sounds strange for a fireplace decoration but it looks really great.

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