Decorating Your Home With A Photo Canvas Print

Decorating Your Home With a Photo Canvas Print
For most people, decorating a home is a truly personal experience. Finding artwork that inspires you and makes everyone in your home happy is a fulfilling endeavour. It can also be a frustrating experience when you are searching for canvas paintings to adorn the walls and hallways of your home, but come up empty-handed. Even if you are not trying to decorate a home, but just trying to find the perfect frame for your new family picture, you can fall short of your expectations.

Often times, people will struggle to find the perfect picture frames to display their personal family photos and end up not displaying them at all because of this. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem. Instead, of searching for artwork, or the perfect frame, order custom canvas prints, using your own photos, to decorate your home.

Types of Canvas Prints Available
There are three types of canvas prints stretched, framed and acrylic. No matter which frame you choose, the initial process is exactly the same. Users upload a photo to our website. Then edit, crop, change background colours, and add text to make their canvas print truly unique. Each of these types of canvas prints are available in a variety of shapes including square, panoramic and mini, and a variety of sizes to offer homes a unique look. However, each order is handled the same way in the beginning. Uploaded photos are turned into canvas prints and then expertly wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame.

Stretched Canvas Prints
Stretched canvas prints are done after the initial step. Once the canvas is stretched around the wooden frame, it is ready to be shipped to your home. Stretched canvas prints are available in 25 different sizes and a variety of shapes.
Framed Canvas Prints
A framed canvas print is different from a stretched canvas print because it goes through an additional step. Once the canvas is secured to the wooden frame, it is then framed in a shadow box. Shadow box frames are available in a variety of colours including black, white and mahogany. This type of frame is also available in various sizes, so it is a perfect option for large or small spaces.
Acrylic Prints
Acrylic Prints are a unique photo decorating option. After the initial step of wrapping the canvas around a frame is complete, the completed canvas photo is mounted behind polished acrylic.
Once your photo home decor arrives, you will be pleased to find that it is ready to hang.
Don’t let the lack of inspiring artwork stop you from decorating your home. Instead, create unique one of a kind pieces of artwork that showcase your own photos, and will surely impress anyone who visits your home.
David Dobson – Cavas Printing Online