Decoration Effect Of Tile – Choose Tile According To Decoration Needs

Decoration Effect Of Tile – Choose Tile According To Decoration Needs

Tile is popular for wide selection of pattern, color, material and style. When we have home decoration, we can choose tile according to different decoration needs.

Marble Tile: objective gloss – highlight transparent and clean feeling

Marble tile is also called imitation marble tile. The grain, color, texture, hand feeling and visual effect of marble tile is the same with natural marble. The burnishing surface of high quality marble tile has the luster same as mirror plane. It can reflect image clearly, which will make the space transparent and bright. Light colored marble tile has the function of highlighting the cleanness of space. Dark colored marble tile can make the space more fashion and improve its stereoscopic impression.

Vitrified Tile: strengthened polished tile – bright but has poor anti-skidding

Vitrified tile is a kind of bright tile made by polishing the adobe of full-body tile. Compared with polished tile, vitrified tile has lower water absorption (less than 0.5%) and higher price. There is no necessary to have polishing treatment for it has bright luster. Vitrified tile can increase refractive index and add light to space with poor lighting, but it has poor anti-skidding performance.

Luster Glazed Tile: good light reflection effect – create clean effect

Luster glazed tile belongs to one kind of glazed tile. Luster is relative to matt. Luster glazed tile has good light reflection effect. It can highlight the cleanness and brightness of space.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile is a kind of tile with special existing way – a complete tile is consisting of dozens of small pieces. Its rich color and special small specification make it construction materials with artistic temperament. Every piece of mosaic tile will have different luster and color under light. Mosaic tile can add layering to space, no matter the combination of same color or the mashup of different color and material.

Collaging Tile: create stereoscopic space by collaging in different pattern

Collaging tile is a good choice for adding layering to space. There are common combination pattern like geometric pattern, flowers and plants and art pattern like hand painting and line combination. People who are enthusiastic to DIY can try to apply collaging tile on the wall or ground of dream bedroom, living room, and bathroom. It can bring different decoration effect and add layering to your home.

Grain Tile

Grain tile can create special visual effect. Leather imitation tile and fabric imitation tile is commonly used grain tile. Fabric imitation tile is suit to use in large room. Leather imitation tile has the function of expanding space visually.