Deepen Your Business Language Skills Overseas

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Going abroad can be a powerful catalyst that deepens your business skills and propel your career forward. Traveling abroad and working in another country, or even just studying abroad will acquaint you with different languages and a diverse array of cultures. This type of exposure is a strong foundation for business, especially in a globalizing world where all countries seem to become increasingly connected.

Overseas Study

Studying abroad is a great first place to start the adventure of working overseas. Studying abroad programs are commonplace and strong encouraged by universities and even some high schools as well. Students who travel abroad to foreign countries have the added bonus of being exposed to both the diversity of cultures found in their destination country as well as seeing first-hand how education systems differ from their country of origin.

Many colleges will open up a study abroad program to students who are not enrolled in their university. It is a good idea to consult these schools to learn their policies. There are some third party organizations that facilitate study abroad experiences as well. These are usually coupled with internships or volunteer opportunities. Either way, the choice to engage in overseas study is a tremendous opportunity.

Work, Intern or Volunteer Abroad

Websites like or are good starting places to find a program that has options for internships and volunteering. In fact, many non-profit organizations and NGOs have training programs and opportunities for those interested in traveling and living in another country. The United Nations and multinational companies also have resources for people who are interested in working abroad and working for an organization that has a global impact.

Boosting Your Business Repertoire

Studying and living abroad will undoubtedly boost your business skills. The first and most obvious impact is the language factor. Learning a new language and having the lucky chance to use it on a regular basis will make you fluent or close to fluency in a rather accelerated pace. This is very important for employers, especially in the business world. Speaking a second or third language gives you the ability to communicate effectively with clients who don’t speak your native tongue and will be viewed as a strong asset in any business setting.

Aside from learning a language, picking up the different cultures in foreign nations will also be a benefit that you’ll reap from going overseas. The local business customs, local traditions and approaches to negotiations as well as knowledge of law in the country you live in will be invaluable to both yourself and your potential employers because you will have a practical and applied knowledge of how to conduct business operations in your overseas country. This not only helps when it comes time to facilitate future endeavors, but it also extends your network to a global level. In fact, sometimes it can even work out that the people you do business with will appreciate your effort in learning their culture that they are much more favorable towards your business and work propositions. After all, wouldn’t you be more likely to do business with someone you can communicate with easily?

Overseas study and overseas work experiences are a great choice for anyone looking to boost their business skill set and make themselves a stronger candidate for future employment.

This is a guest post by Kate Simmons, a freelance writer and travel enthusiast who shares her travel and education-related experiences on various blogs.