Deli Offerings To GO

The UK’s finest delicatessen and catering houses are now bringing their tasty specialties to your home or office. In carrying on a tradition of outstanding customer service, the UK’s finest delis are delivering to your home and/or office orders to your door. These delis are even prepared to accept orders over the Internet or, of course, via telephone of fax.
Putting Internet offerings together for a quick takeaway or quick delivery has served clients and the delis well. With the expected high volume tourists attractions like Wimbledon and the Summer Olympics, the UK’s deli shops and caterers are expecting substantially increased traffic. Many delis have had to add additional staff for what promises to be an exciting summer season.

Special Platters

To satisfy business and large group orders, some UK delis have developed medium and large sandwich, baguette and ciabatta platters. The sandwich platters can be ordered in either 20 or 32 quarter or 5 or 8 full sandwiches, or enough from 5 or 8 persons.
Baguette platters are available in 15 or 18 pieces, enough for five or eight people. Ciabatta platters are delivered in 12 or 18 people, enough for 4 to six diners. These are great portions for the busy family or hectic office. And, you do not have to hustle the office staff or family down to the deli to receive your order.
UK delis have also taken over a large portion of the country’s catering business. Catering services are often used by businesses for meetings, company gatherings and celebrations.
Gourmet and seafood platters are great for family or business. These platters consist of smoked salmon, poached salmon, crayfish tails, turkey, pastrami, prawns with cocktail sauce and much, much more.

New Deli Delights

For customers that want traditional, classic or vegetarian platters, the leading delis have several great platters for small, medium, large and very large occasions. Many of these delis make their own soups and stews.
In keeping with the times, several UK delis are committed to using as many organic foods as possible. Free-range chickens, free range eggs and locally made breads are all made of natural ingredients. Caterers and delis are high on fresh and organic foods.
Of course, most UK delis offer inviting dining facilities, but a few have really invested in their dining facilities during the recession. With entertainment budgets at low levels, some UK delis and catering services have captured a larger share of the market. Being flexible and being able to assemble made-to-order specials has its advantages. In elite UK delis, the message is “customer first.”
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