Delve Into The Splendour and Razzmatazz Of Dubai

Delve Into The Splendour and Razzmatazz Of Dubai

If inquiring about the ideal months to visit Dubai, then bear in mind one thing- there are just two types of weather in this country, hot and super hot! So, climate wise there isn’t any ideal time to visit Dubai, but yes, for that shot of the best shopping experience, this place has its doors open for you throughout the year.

Also remember, although the hotel rates slope down to a whopping 70% during the holy months of Ramadan, these shouldn’t be misinterpreted as enticing treats, since Dubai is sentimentally attached to strict laws of Islam and during Ramadan, you may be restricted to delve into the sinful pleasures while in the city. Dubai Tourism board can be contacted directly to get the best packages, deals, and the ideal time to tour the city, otherwise online portals may be contacted as well.


Places to Visit

  • Burj Khalifa – not visiting or noticing the iconic landmark of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, is like visiting the city of Agra and not noticing or visiting the Taj Mahal. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa has a thrilling elevator that ferries you up to the top, and mind it, this happens in a fraction of seconds. The elevator can give the bullet trains a run for their money. From atop, the view is unimaginably breathtaking. And yes, those with a phobia of height, kindy restrain!
  • Burj Al Arab – having a striking resemblance to a ship, the Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest hotel, located on the hotel’s own artificially made island. The 321 m high edifice is illuminated with choreographed lights at night, and spending a night at this opulent inn could cost you a whooping $ 15,000! You can dine at their underwater Al Mahara Restaurant, or the Skyview Bar.
  • Jumeirah Beach – Dubai’s most sought after white sand beach, the Jumeirah is one place where you can find the most suitable hotel for your sojourn and enjoy the multitudes of joys of experiencing the city’s allure.
  • Dubai Aquarium – how about a stroll underwater? Yes, suspended in a large tank on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, one can get a real time experience of walking amidst the sea creatures at the Dubai Aquarium. On entering the Underwater Zoo, you can even walk past this lively underwater scene through the aquarium tunnels. Enchanting!
  • Atlantis Palm Jumeirah – for that sort after opulent experience, head to this new offering by Dubai. It is more than just a hotel, with tons of extravagant experiences on offer for its guests or tourists.

The much hyped wonders of Dubai, are actually a class apart and one needs to visit this land of plush, luxury and riches to experience these first-hand. There are more than 10 Delhi to Dubai flights, plying each day, and take not more than 4 hours to reach Dubai. What could be a better start than this, right? Have a wonderful trip!