Dependable Strategies Against The JEE

The Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is the gateway to studying engineering and is considered as one of the most standard exams in the country. JEE is mainly divided into 2 segments, JEE-main and JEE-advanced, both conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  The JEE-Main is conducted for entrance in institutes like The Indian Institutes of Information Technology and The National Institute of Technology, whereas the JEE-Advanced exam is predominantly for cracking the most prestigious series of Institutions, The Indian Institute of Technology or IIT in India. A Strategy is defined as the plan adopted when faced with an obstacle or enemy. So as while planning a battle we must:

  • Learn about the enemy or in this case the examination.
  • Learn what our strengths are and hone them.
  • Learn what our weaknesses are and abolish them.
  • Prepare till the end of our efforts.
  • Be smart about it and try to outwit it.

Knowing the Challenge:

Make it a point to know everything you can about the exam. Teachers, seniors, Older Relatives are always the best option. Hear what they have to say and choose your own path. Your decision is a two-fold decision. Primarily you’ve to decide on which branch of engineering you want to focus on. It is much easier to hit the target when it is the only one in sight. There are a large variety of options like Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. Find out which one speaks to you and most suits you. Next you’ve to pick out the target institute. The two top Choices are of Course NIT and the IIT colleges in India. There are a whole list of IITS each of them hold some special features, set one in your cross hair. You can check the different Institutes and their ranks on the internet; you can also check NIT RANKINGS since there are a whole lot of them as well. Getting into either of these is a dream come true.

Knowing Yourself:

Knowing yourself is arguably the second most important thing you need to be worrying about. There are 3 subjects in the exam namely Physics, Chemistry and Math. Identify which one of these is your best suit and which one you are not quite confident with. Work on removing any imperfections. Also to remember is that Never Waste Time. While you waste even a minute some other people are getting ahead of you. Enroll right after the class 10 examination. There are a large number of good Coaching Centers to choose from, and make sure you find one which ticks all the checkboxes.  The Coaching Class will groom you for the exam so make sure to utilize it fully and remove any doubts or fears you may have. If you want to get into any of the IITS in India then remember that it comes in the form of JEE main results. So keep your goals straight and shoot for the moon.

Other Things to Know About:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Subjects instead of learning them by heart. The questions which usually come in the exam focus more on natural applications of the theory of the books. So plan to study accordingly, instead of learning the words on the books equate them to real life happenings.
  • Focus equally on all the three subjects. The syllabus spans over a lot of content, but omitting chapters or selective studying is highly discouraged. Because the questions in the exam, being of objective type may come from any corner of the syllabus. Extensive and thorough study should be done of the entire subject matter.
  • Keep up a continuous effort. Remember studying one subject for a few days and then another, this policy will not work. It is advisable to study all 3 subjects each day; it helps in all round preparation and breaks monotony.

Hope you have found this small strategy helpful in the war you are about to face. Remember to keep a positive attitude and maintain perseverance.