Designer Bra Selling For $1 Million

Designer clothes are generally a must-have for most females, but the designer bra made from 18k gold and 500 diamonds is something not everyone wants, but it is certainly attracting a lot of attention.

Designer Bra

Designed by Birmingham Estate and Jewellery Buyers, the bra, that took three months to design, one year to make and a crew of 40 to oversee its creation, has a price tag of $1 million. It is clear competition for Victoria’s Secret designer bra – Fantasy Treasure – worn by Miranda Kerr the previous year at the lingerie giant’s highly anticipated fashion show. Their designer bra is covered in yellow diamonds and pearls sewn onto a baby blue material that covers the cups. It’s very unlike this new designer bra which is made up entirely of gold with no material in sight.

The designer bra is made with 750 grams of purely solid gold and 500 natural diamonds that make up the bra straps. These straps are in no way adjustable and the cup fits only one size, so very few women could actually fit into the designer piece.

Naturally the question on everyone’s lips is: who would buy a $1 million designer bra, and for what reason? Well there are some who have shown an interest in it and there is speculation that it would be ladies from the Middle Eastern countries where they wear designer clothing under their traditional coverings. Then there are those who have the money to spend on something so completely impractical just so they could showcase it in their homes.

The designer bra’s creator, Anthony Aubry, has said that regardless of the reasons why anyone would want to purchase a solid gold bra; it never fails to turn heads. Three of his models are equipped to advertise the original item and at every show the piece turns heads. People are drawn to the intrinsic design and detailed attention to the finer production methods used to keep the designer bra together.

There is no denying that the bra is a lovely design and one can appreciate the impeccable attention to detail. The miniature pieces of gold so skilfully “woven” to create the impression of a knitted bra makes the designer bra all that more attractive. Perhaps if you put padded satin on the inside of the cup and straps it could actually be worn. That would certainly make it worth the money.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who appreciates a good design particuarly mens silk scarves.