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French fashion house, Balmain, sells cotton T-shirts for more than £700 and it seems those high end buyers will pay any amount of absurd money just to make sure they have the best. There is a tendency for this group of people to forget about they prices they are paying for what they want and forget that you can pick up a perfectly good cotton (yes, still cotton) top for little over £5 on the high street!
If you don’t class yourself in this high end section of the population then don’t worry because you are not alone. This only accounts for 6% of the population – and I’m sure you can all guess that a majority of that is made up of women.

Men are notoriously tight when it comes to spending money in comparison to women so why should they waste even more of it on clothes they don’t need? Well, I’m not going to lie, the prices of clothes are increasing so men, you need to make sure you buy now and get yourself looking trendy before you will be spending more than £50 for a cotton top on the high street!
The days of throw away fashion for men could be numbered as last year between July and August, the cost of clothing jumped on average 3.7% and it hasn’t stopped there. It was the biggest month-on-month jump since records began. As mentioned, the price of cotton has had a 175% increase in less than a year. Men, now you are going to have to start doing what women have been doing for years and start buying that one special item that you may have to pay more money for instead of buying lots of cheap things that may run their ground in a few months time. The advantage over this is, guys, that the one special piece of clothing will last you a life time. After all, people wouldn’t be spending £700 on mens jackets when you can get it in exactly the same quality for £20 on the market… would they?
If you have a look around, you will be able to find brand that have managed to keep their prices at a manageable rate among all the uproar in pricing in the fashion industry. Look for brand with the quality you would expect from paying a higher price but the garments aren’t busting your bank.

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This article is by a young, freelance writer called Siobhan.  If you would like to contact Siobhan about this article, then please tweet her @SCongreve.