Designing The Perfect Business Card

In this age of technology, there are many ways and modes of marketing to market your business. These tools includes marketing campaigns, social media or even word of mouth. However, some businesses fail to recognize the importance of a powerful and basic tool: The Business Card.

It is interesting to note that something as small as a business card can do much wonders and impact to your business. Simple as it seems, it is an art to design the perfect business card which aids in the marketing of your company and brand. The business card is the first thing that you will exchange with your business partner on the first formal professional meeting. While the information and details of your card is important, the appearance and design of the card plays a crucial role in making an impressive and lasting first impression on your client or business partners.

Unique and special business cards that take the form of different shapes and sizes do act as a very good ice breaker and conversation starters during the first meeting. For example, wine companies can adopt business cards that resembles a wine glass. Having a unique design implies that your company differentiates itself from the rest and puts in effort in the minutest details such as the business card.

Take the effort to design a catchy and interesting one so that your clients can always remember your company. Steer away from the usual standard boring business card designs. However do note while you could go creative on the ideas, shape and design of card, do keep to the standard wallet size of normal business cards. It would be more convenient for your clients to keep your cards in their wallet or cardholders.

Using letterpress and pictures are ways to make your business card outstanding and different from the rest. Letterpress creates a unique texture for the card. As cliché as it may sound, but a picture is worth a thousand words. You can place your photo or a picture representation of your company or the services that your company offers. The quality of paper used for your business card is also a detail that many companies overlook. Business cards printed on flimsy paper doesn’t not reflect well on the company.

A good business card not only provide clients and business partners with your basic information such as your designation, contact number, email addresses and company address, it should also act as a reminder of what your company can offer and the services that your company provide. The words and fonts chosen for the business card should be clear and legible. If all else fails, hire and engage a design professional to do up a good and effective business card.

A good business card is an important and valuable tool for your business, brand and image. If it is designed well, it is not only a card that introduce yourself and your business, it is a crucial element that contributes to the overall success of your company.

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